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  • Stat test 2016

    Hi Ladies,
    It's been great reading through this post and seeing all your encouragement and successes!
    I've wanted to be a midwife since I was in preschool and I am now 29 and a Mumma to 2 and i want to start MY journey 😀 I need to do my stat test as I left school mid year 12 😳 I've been reading that it is extremely competitive to get into b midwifery, and I am not sure how smart I am on paper...although I know I am **** at maths lol if I do well enough I am hoping to study at the Sunshine Coast. I am wanting to know a couple of things...
    Would I up my chances of entry by selecting the double degree and also b mid?
    Are midwives allowed tattoos? as I have a near full sleeve.
    During mid b how soon into it are you into placement ?
    Is there any other mummies who are starting their mission next year too??
    Thanks !