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For those looking at studying Midwifery- FAQ & A

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  • Getting in to midwifery/nursing

    Hi there,
    I'm currently in my 3rd year of my dual Nursing/midwifery degree at University of the Sunshine Coast Qld. I had only ever completed a traineeship in childcare. I sat the STAT test which gave me a ranking to get into Nursing and I was also able to do a free course before starting at the uni which was all about Academic Skills (it was through the uni over the summer before I started). I also found out I was pregnant with our 5th Bub at that time so I was able to do the semester of nursing and worked very hard to get good marks. I then had to take the next semester off to have my bub but applied to change program to the dual nursing midwifery degree. They used my GPA as a ranking and I transferred and started the dual degree in 2015. If you can get into nursing this may be a pathway for you to get in but not always guaranteed if a lot of people apply. However even if you could do your nursing first you could complete that then go back and do RN pathway Bachelor of Midwifery which is 18months. I hope that helps, it's an emotional ride!! Good luck 😊


    • I spent a long time reading all these posts, for several years in fact. Then on a whim I decided to finally apply and do my Bachelor of Nursing. Im studying through Federation University, completely online- except for one week residential block where we learn and are assessed on the practical component of the course.
      Initially I did this to become a midwife- I think thats still what I want to do, but the dual degrees didn't offer the flexibility I need in terms of online coursework. It is doable with organisation and dedication. I work casually too, which is great flexibility.
      I hope that when ive finished and I do my Grad year I can do the Grad Dip in Midwifery as well. Having the B.Nursing means a lot more flexibility, working in a regional or rural area its essential.


      • Hi ladies, I am looking at doing the bachelor of Midwifery at Griffith uni next year. Could anyone shed some light on how many days per week are required on campus for full time study? I checked the academic calendar and it wasn't helpful. I got nowhere on the phone to them and the course providers havent emailed me back. I still need to work while studying so I need to know if its even doable before I try to apply.


        • Hi katieerin, did you get the info you were after?
          I'm looking to study mid next year but at Flinders and it looks like about 2-3 days on campus but placements mean you have to be available for full time hours (rotating shifts) for blocks of weeks (small block in first year building up to lots of placement by 3rd year).

          I found the recent open days quite useful although I have found a lot of information online too. Can you look at this years class timetables? I was able to get a good idea from looking at those.


          • Hi girls,

            I am also applying for midwifery 2020 at Newcastle.
            I believe the face to face time in most mid courses is possibly 2 or 3 days a week, but placement is quite demanding.
            I went to the info session for uon last year and they did suggest that working would be difficult for full time (they only offer full time at uon). It is quite demanding, I guess that is what I am worried about. I have no family support and two sons with a shift working husband. But if I get in, I will find a way 😊
            Offers rom UAC are released 10 Jan so a while to wait yet.