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Work from Home Opportunities- what do you do?

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  • Work from Home Opportunities- what do you do?

    DS1 is 4 and DS2 is 16 months. Prior to being a mum I worked in corporate HR. I went back to work part time for 6 months or so after DS1 was born but left when my DH was offered a work transfer to a new location. So for the last 2.5 years I have been a SAHM which for the most part I enjoy. DH has suggested I should look for some work I can do from home to I guess keep my brain ticking along! Mainly I think for my own sense of self worth rather than from a financial point of view as we are very fortunate for me to not “have to” work. I quite like the idea of doing something part time from home but I honestly have no idea what! I have no talents (other than talking and eating chocolate [emoji23]) so there is no ideal business opportunity which jumps out at me.

    My DH has a busy stressful senior corporate role which involves very long hours and a fair bit of international travel. We have no family near us to assist with child care. For this reason I don’t want to be returning to the corporate world as all childcare when they are sick, getting them too and from care, getting them home fed, bathed and put to bed on a working day would all fall on me.

    I’d love to hear from other SAHM mums on what kind of thing they do for self satisfaction and additional $$

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    Coming from HR myself, I have noticed there are a lot of recruitment consultant roles that are advertised as work from home roles. I’m not sure how you would go doing that with kids around but might be something you could look into!


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      I am a Family Day Care Educator. Can work my own hours and have my kids at home with me.


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        I do construction administration from home, for clients I used to deal with in my corporate job.
        I must say though, if you don't have any child care, all your work will be done in your "spare time", i.e. after kids are asleep. Working with kids home is near impossible, especially 2 of them. Mine are now 7 and nearly 5 and it gets easier, but still hard when they are both home as they always pick the times I am trying to work to have a big fight. One at home is fine now, they play nicely on their own for at least 15 min at a time so I can get things done. I do about 30 hours a week now, have 2 days of daycare for my youngest, but due to school hours, that's only 12ish hours of child free time. Next year they will both be at school 30 hours per week. OMG, I can't wait.
        I'd say if you really enjoy the work, you can do it and it's good to start now so you can be well set up when the kids are older and you have more time. But you can probably only do an hour or so each day after they are asleep, depending on bedtime and if they actually stay asleep. Prepare for no TV or other relaxation and you will get 5-7 hours per week done, which is hardly worth the effort $$ wise. But it might save your sanity if you, like me, need to use your brain for things other than stopping fights and cleaning up messes and reading the same books over and over.
        If you don't enjoy the work I'd say don't do it because it is very hard to start doing work you don't enjoy after spending 12+ hours with the kids.