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A bit stuck - my working from home conundrum

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  • A bit stuck - my working from home conundrum

    Hi there,

    right before I start off I need to say that I have already worked out I make a terrific 'worker / employee' I am definately externally motivated! Some part of my work-from-home dilema comes from not having a high degree of self-motivation / self imposed routines etc.

    The situation:
    I am currently a non-active consultant for a scrapbooking party-plan / direct sales organisation. I love the products, I use them, I've been doing it for 3 years but without a lot of success or a lot of real focus on my part.

    I also have recently been selling items (mostly secondhand books) on ebay and finding that I enjoyed the process but was only 'breaking even' though potentially could make some pocket money.

    Recently we had my dd's naming ceremony and I tried my hand at icing a fruitcake / mudcake for the event (my mum used to do this and I haven't done a cake since my teenage years). I discovered not only could I do it, but it looked professional and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute!

    So these are my 3 main work from home possibilities as I see it.

    I am having issues though with all of them to a greater and lesser extent.

    I have worked out that my main success in the past with being a good salesperson / effecient at what I do is having a really good understanding of the sytem in which I am working in. I work this by always having a response for a 'no' e.g. in the past I did admin and worked at account reconciliation for a qld-wide organisation. When I needed to get documentation in from a remote office, I had a 100% success rate - with one place I eventually had to get the financial manager to sign a memo to the office but it got the results - they turned the place upside down and sent the paperwork in.

    What I am finding is that with the scrapbooking I have had a lot of inconsistent feedback / behaviour / responses and I am floundering with how to keep going. I find that influences me to be really negative which obviously isn't a good look if you are trying to sell things! There is also a problem with an estranged family member also having joined up ironically with the same team as me and she is closer and more chummy with my team leader than I am. Yet I really want to make a go of it and have a beginning with this. In theory I suppose I should be able to 'let go of' the issues and just run my own business, but for some reason I feel reluctant to jump in to the situation again. I feel that there is something fishy about the whole thing. Perhaps that is just from how I was treated in the past with inconsistency and lack of communication, then again it might be something more tangible like breaching my privacy by discussing me with said relative / other people in the team. One of my main problems is that I am remote from my team and prefer email communication but my direct upline doesn't respond to emails. However the team leader does, but keeps deflecting my queries back to my direct upline and then I am back where I started from. After 4 weeks of trying to communicate with these people I ended up getting a reasonable response but I'm just feeling jaded plus until this week haven't then had the spare cash to sign up again.

    With the ebay stuff basically I just seem to have 'lost it' in terms of regularly checking the site and of being motivated. The wind is a bit out of my sails. I guess since we moved the 'office' from near the telly to near the baby. Typing seems to wake her up plus for a while there I used to 'work' during tv shows and thus got lots done. However most of the things we were watching are no longer on telly so its not as simple as 'move the office back' *grin*

    As for cake decorating - I am just not sure how to begin the business, particularly how to get leads / orders. Any suggestions?

    Does anyone here have any other ideas / feedback? Can you see something I am completely missing from what I've written?

    I would love to hear back from others.



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    Not sure if this would help but maybe you can buy the scrapbooking stuff for yourself as you need it and start a small business where you can makes cakes for wedding, christenings, birthdays etc and add a special touch of a scrap book. This might be something that is different and earn you some more more money and you can work around your family as well. The thing to offer is something that no-one else does. Good luck and I hope it all works out for you


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      The cake thing

      How much would you charge to go into someone's home and teach them to decorate a cake? I'm just thinking there may be a market for new Mum's that would love to decorate a cake for their child's birthday, but don't know how. You could go in and teach them how to do it, and they'd still have the satisfaction that they'd done it themselves?

      Like any new business venture, brainstorm a few concepts then try some market research (eg posting on boards like this) to see if there is a market out their for your service.

      Good luck!


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        The scrapbooking company Team Leader is treating you terribly, I wouldn't sign back up with them.
        My TL (different party plan) is fantastic, I speak to her at the very least once a week (usuallly 3 x!), and emails me all the time with tips and encouragement. The company is brilliant itself, they provide endless (and optional) incentives, training courses on running a successful business, all free.

        I wasn't really big on the party plan thing but now I can't believe I am captain of my own ship! The big advantage I suppose it that most of the legwork is taken out of it for you - ie marketing, products and services are all done already.

        PM me is you want to find out more about my business (we don't advertise - we don't need to!!). I love it.

        Thing is - starting your own business is very, very hard - but if you are getting out there with the party plan anyway you can make good use of all the contacts you get for when and if you finally go ahead with the cake thing - or whatever!!!


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          Sorry for my ignorance,..but what is 'scrapbooking'?