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    Has anyone had experience either as an advisor or buyer? I'm looking at taking the plunge after 4mths umming and arrhing. I'm not a huge fan of party plan but am told this can be used as a fundraiser, sell to schools etc as well as party plan. Just not online (ie ebay)

    Anymore info is greatly appreciated!

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    Hi Mel32, I have been to a learning ladder was fun. it was a while ago...but yeh lots of great books...and the lady who was selling them was very passionate about the range!!! she was doing really well for herself too. hope this helps, and i hope you go really well with it! I have just started the body shop at home business...and am wondering if I have done the right thing...I am finding it hard to get people to have parties without feeling like i am hassling them! ahh...anyway...take care, and all the best with it, Ros.


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      Thanks mummyof2! I've been to a Body shop party and loved it. Maybe try advertising in school newsletters etc for busy mums?
      I've decided to go with it, but now that I've made the descision I'm really nervous because I hate being centre of attention! Hoping that will settle down. It would be nice getting out of the house too!


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        I recently had a Learning Ladder party a couple of weeks ago and it was fabulous! I love their products, the books, the games and the toys. Just about everything is educational and my son loves them! He has stopped watching tv and is now playing the games and happy to read/play with the books on his own.

        I am very pro-learning ladder You should def have a party!


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          Hi there.
          I am actually an advisor with the Learning Ladder and have been for about 2 years. Like you I've never really been a big 'partyplanner' - I have never worked for another party plan company and I've never really held many parties, but I was looking for something part time and flexible and I just LOVE the products. I have found it has really worked well for me and my family.

          If you have any questions please let me know. Good luck with your decision!


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            booklady, I joined today, am waiting for my kit to arrive!! How many parties do you generally have? Are you still at the 'advisor' level or have you moved up to 'sales leader' etc? Is there a forum anywhere where advisors can communicate with each other?
            So many questions!!


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              i apologise a million times over. I just haven't been back to the forum. Congrats on joining. Would be more than happy to chat LL stuff with you.
              we could have an IM chat if you wanted.

              Feel free to email me at and we can work something out if you like.

              Hope your first parties have been going well.



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                I'm someone else who does The Learning Ladder- and it's fantastic!! It makes an excellent second income also- and I only 'work' (if you can call it that) 6-8 hours a week. That's for two get-togethers a week (which is a lot) and the little bit of online ordering etc. Which I do in the evening when the kids are in bed Love it!! Email or PM if you have any questions!


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                  Hey Mel, I'm another one who was ummming and aahhhhing for a while about joining up!

                  I just joined up with The Learning Ladder (had my first party this week! Woohoo!) and I LOVE the products... I went to some parties about 2 years ago and loved it then but was heavily pregnant with my was finally the right time to start up. It's amazing and I'm LOVING it!!!

                  How are you doing with it now? Are you enjoying it??


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                    Hi Girls and Welcome to The Learning Ladder! I joined in May 2010 and absolutely love it! I am almost a sales leader as well... Wooooo, there are so many great things about working with the learning ladder with not only the extra income but the natioanl and international travel plus diamonds and peals, everything a woman want's that includes work and family life balance.
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