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What work/business would you do if you knew it couldn't fail?

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  • What work/business would you do if you knew it couldn't fail?

    As my kids are getting to the age where they choose their subjects at school (eek!!), the idea of careers and businesses often gets discussed at home.

    One of the questions often asked by 'lifestyle gurus', is 'If you could have any job or business that was guaranteed not to fail, what would you do?'

    So what would you do?

    My DH would be an actor in Thor movies!!
    Aside from Bubhub, I don't really know what I'd do?

    If you have got a passion project that you are dying to get off the ground - there's some free training that you can read more about and we're looking to put together a Mastermind Group to help hubbers. But no obligation to look at that - still interested in what you'd do if you could...

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    I think I would do something to do with weddings - dresses or something.

    where people are celebrating and being happy ... (though I realise its stressful and you get the occasional bridezilla )


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      I don't think I could cope with bridezillas, !!


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        Hmmmmmmmm. If it couldn’t fail I might be a HR consultant to small businesses who can’t afford to employ their own HR employee. But usually businesses without HR have so many holes in them so it’d be a big task to take on!


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          Something medical, that helps people.
          It works two-fold in that I would get to do something I’m interested in and I get to help people.
          Currently trying to study to be a paramedic as that seemed to tick all the boxes for me except the longer I’m in it, the more I realise that I don’t know if it’s the career for me. Not because of the job but the damn politics. It always comes down to that.
          So I’d say maybe a private service working mines or something, so I have a bit more autonomy.


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            I’d have a really wonderful and quirky bookstore. I’d stock a variety of genres. Have a little reading nook tucked away somewhere. Sigh if only ....


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              I'd love to sell fabric and do a he'll of a lot better with selling my handmade kids clothes.


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                What work/business would you do if you knew it couldn't fail?

                I would love to have a health education business/hub. So things like antenatal education, baby massage, sexual health eduction. In my mind teaching youth about their sexual health can then (eventually [emoji6]) flow on into pregnancy/antenatal education and then baby massage when the babies come along. Would love to be able to employ physios/personal trainers for specifically targeted postnatal recovery and fitness. So helping with pelvic floor dysfunction, abdominal separation and also helping women get back to fitness when they’re ready.