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    I would have used it. I have a cleaner that comes fort nightly but no family support and only work friends where we live. DH was great but we were both exhausted...


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      I'd market to people as a gift to a pregnant friend. I'd love it as a gift


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        I would use it if we had the money but we definitely won't once the baby comes! In saying that, if things go pear-shaped and I end up having to recover from a C-section, we might reconsider It definitely sounds like a good idea to run with.


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          I used to do this for people- housekeeping


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            I would def use a service like this! And I know my friends would too...


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              I probably wouldn't use his personally, maybe for number two I would though! Would be a great baby shower gift that's for sure as it might not be something a mum would get herself.


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                Originally posted by MysticFalls View Post
                Firstly Im thinking of providing services to new mums with bubs who need someone to help cook, wash up, wash clothes and hang them out and bring them back in. Dust clean the house a little whilst mum gets a rest.

                Would you use a service like this?

                Would you know of anyone who would use it?

                Do you think its a silly idea?

                Please do not steal this idea. Its the only one I have! I need to make a few more dollars to help out with the finances. And permanent part-time jobs are not exactly thick on the ground here in my town.

                What would you pay per week if interested for this service?

                Would you break it up in to services offered or a flat fee?

                This sounds very much like a postnatal doula. Maybe something to look into?


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                  I used a service like this after the birth of my second child. It was a childcare service but I used them twice a week for 3-4 hours at a time. She put the washing on, prepared the dinner, cleaned the bathroom and looked after the bubs. On those days I went for a sleep. As soon as she got to the door I was into the bedroom. Lol. I worshipped those days. All up, I used the service for about six months. Yes, it was an extra expense but I simply budgeted around it.