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New to IVF and looking for an egg donor

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  • New to IVF and looking for an egg donor

    Hello everyone. Please bear with me as this might be a long introductory post.
    I’m 45 and my partner is 48.
    We’ve been trying for a baby for 2 years now and have had no luck of conceiving.
    We have seen 2 different specialists at 2 different clinics and both have given us the same news.
    My eggs are too old to try IVF while my partner has fantastic sperm and so we have been told the only way to go is through a donor egg in order to achieve our goal of having kids together.
    So to give a bit of background information so you all understand why we are trying for a baby so late in life , I was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 34 and then found out weeks later that we were pregnant.
    The specialist at the time told us that if we kept the baby, my chances of survival dropped to 30%, whereas if we terminated, my chances of survival shot up to 70%.
    We had a very traumatic time wondering what to do but in the end, my partner and I sadly agreed to terminate.
    So I went for surgery, chemo, radiotherapy, had beta blockers to stop my reproductive cycles.
    After my treatment went on once a week for 6 months, we were told that I was cured of cancer but they wanted to keep me on beta blockers for 5 years because that is the time when the cancer could return.
    So after 5 years, they said that I could stop taking the beta blockers and let my reproductive system start to work again.
    The specialist warned me it would take a year or so for my cycles to get back to normal where we could then start trying for a baby.
    It took 3 years for my cycles to settle down and get back in to a regular routine. By which time, my partner and I started trying for a baby.
    And this is where we are now. With no chance whatsoever of producing another child together.
    So this is where we have been left to our own devices to find an egg donor with no help at all.
    So we are basically looking at all our options and doing a lot of research, but we really don’t know what to do or where to go.
    Sure there’s plenty of clinics out there and we can just call one up and ask for an egg donor in an ideal world, but it’s wondering which one will give us personally the best success rate and we are obviously not millionaires like Madonna, Angelina Jolie or Nicole Kidman otherwise I wouldn’t be here writing this post.
    So I guess what I’m intimately asking for is some advice as to what would be the best choice of clinic for us and for a reasonable cost.
    Or are there any ladies we can get in touch with to help by giving us her eggs?
    Any advice and helping us get on the right path would be very greatly appreciated.
    Sorry for the essay and I hope I haven’t put anyone to sleep! Lol
    Looking forward to chatting with you all over time. 🤗

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    So sorry to read everything you have gone through, honestly I think the best option and the quickest and easiest way to move forward is to go overseas, plenty of ladies do, the top 3 countries are Czech Republic, Greece and South Africa, and there is Spain as well. Czech Republic is the most cost effective country to go to, they haven’t put their prices up and you can usually do a fresh cycle for around €4500-5000 with your medication on top of that, greece your looking at around €7000 and South Africa and Spain are similar with costings. Here is the link to the egg donation page
    the greek one is more active atm but you can jump on and have a read of any of them to get a feel and also jump on the Greek thread and you’ll get ladies on their that have tried to go through finding their own egg donors and have struggled and gone on to overseas and have had success.
    I had success with a clinic in Czech Republic called zlin.
    didn’t have a good experience with a clinic in Greece and have recently been to north Cyprus and am now looking at a clinic in Slovakia, so you do have plenty of options !


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      Thank you very much for the advice Stacey. I will certainly read all the posts on that link you sent me.
      The process of finding a n egg donor by yourself is a very daunting process that my partner and myself are finding ourselves in and being able to find people who can give really good advice and help us along the way and finding this forum especially has been a little goldmine.
      So fingers crossed 🤞 that we can achieve what we’ setting out to do.
      Thanks again and have a great day 🤗🤗


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        Hi Jules - sorry to hear of your journey xx

        As Stacey said there are some good threads on “Egg donation Greece”, “Egg Donation South Africa” and one for Czech too. These countries it is generally a quick process to get started and all are great options.

        There’s also some forums to help find a donor here in Australia eg egg donation friends etc. Clinics may also have waitlists you can get on. It’s very hot and miss, some women wait years, others get lucky sooner.

        One thing to consider is that a lot of clinics have a cut off at age 50 (usually means you can transfer up until the day before your 51st birthday). So just something to keep in mind when considering options and timings. I know it’s awhile away yet!

        Another thing to consider is that in Australia all egg donations will be ID release so the child can obtain details of the donor at 18. If you arrange the donor yourself obviously they may have specific requests re contact etc. If you go overseas to any of the countries mentioned above the egg donor will remain anonymous. So that’s something to consider both from your perspective and the child’s.

        Another is how much information you want about the donor. This is very personal and we all have different approaches. In Europe the clinic usually selects your donor and generally give very basic info (height, hair colour, eye colour etc). I personally chose South Africa because I could choose my own donor (there’s 4 egg donor agencies with online databases) which means I have detailed profile plus childhood photos to share with my child and importantly I was able to get exact results from my donors previous cycle so I knew exactly how many embryos she got and that the recipient was pregnant. This was a huge comfort to me as in my first donor egg cycle I didn’t even get a transfer (that was in Finland and I don’t recommend there) and I really couldn’t afford a second dud cycle.

        Best of luck with exploring your options! Shout if any Q’s - there’s plenty of ladies on all those threads who will jump in to help.



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          Thanks for the advice Risa.
          We found one clinic in South Africa called Donor Eggs Australia and they have a database of potential donors with childhood photos.
          But can you tell me of the other clinics with databases that you know of in South Africa please?
          I would ultimately like to use a donor that resembles me as much as possible, just because that’s my preference and nothing else.
          And I’m born and bred brunette Pom living in Australia! Lol


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            Hi Jules

            I went to Greece for DE and now have a gorgeous 1 yo son. I found the whole process very easy and very quick. You could be there in as little as 6-8 weeks from now.

            I looked into South Africa and they have very good clinics there also with high success rates. Most ladies are using Cape Fertility for their Ivf. The donor egg agencies I have listed below for you. You can join straight away and be looking at possible donors tomorrow! I was initially going to cape fertility but found it very difficult to choose a donor. When I did eventually pick one she could no longer donate as she had put on too much weight so I decided to just go to Greece where the find one for you with the details you give. I just found this easier.
            Definately jump on the egg donation South Africa forum if you are wanting to do this, the ladies there are amazing and helpful or hop on the egg donation greece #19 one to chat to us if you like.
            Best of luck I hope this is helpful to you Adjustments.jpg


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              Thanks Moc24 for the good advice and websites. I’ll look on them right now.
              Hopefully it won’t be long before I’m holding our little bundle of joy!


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                Hi I went to Embryoland in Athens and highly recommemd dr kanakas and the clinic. Everything cam be irganised in as quick as 8 weeks if you like. There is a forum called egg donation greece. Come join us if you like or just read through the threads. You can ask us anything you like and can still join in even if you dont end up going to Greece for d.e.
                I have a little girl now and doing donor ivf was the best thing ive ever done.
                I had a hard time finding my own donor, long story short it was a pretty aweful experience amd overseas donor ivf was much easier and less stressful for me personally.
                I started getting my head around it all just by reading the greece forum from the very beginning page all the way through. That might help you too. xx


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                  Thanks gorgeousgeorge for the advice and information.
                  It’s a big help that my partner and I feel like we’re not alone by joining this forum.
                  It’s just s lot of research we’re having to do in order to get the right everything, ie, clinic, donor, country, fees for the whole process.
                  And at times, it all feels a little overwhelming.


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                    I politely disagree with going overseas as I believe egg donation is altruistic, I'm sure there must be a woman who has had her own kids and feels compelled to share her good fortune with a woman who hasn't been as fortunate. I'd like to chat I'm aweekes34 and you can find me at, I can point you toward some woman gifting eggs
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                      Hi Aeeekes,
                      Can you point me in the right direction in looking for these women who gift their egged please?