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  • Egg Donation

    Hi all,

    I am looking at donating my eggs with medicare rebate. I already have a healthy beautiful son and would like to share my blessing.

    I am not to sure how to go about this, but i am looking to help a family.

    If you intersted and want further information, please post me back

    Thanks Kylie

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    Hello Kylie,

    Thank u for being a blessing and helping many couples like myself to have children. we are searching for an egg donor, however i hope that you find the best recipient that would suit and match you.You can also check out website for more info about donors and recipients. Also my email is
    All the best with yr journey
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      Egg donation

      Hi Kylie

      we are currently looking for a donor.
      Having had our ivf cancelled due to oremature menopause weve been told egg donation is our only hope.
      If you are interested please email me at
      Thankyou for being hope to many people
      Cristabelle. Xx
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