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10 reviewers needed for CJ's Body BUTTer!

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  • 10 reviewers needed for CJ's Body BUTTer!


    We're looking for 10 lucky people to review CJ's BUTTer - great for nappy rash, eczema, and cracked nipples! See below for more details and for reviewer criteria.

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    CJ’s Butter Pot of Butter (226g) – CJ's BUTTer is a fantastic nappy rash, barrier and eczema cream that smells absolutely divine. It is safe to use with cloth nappies and has a huge range of applications (in addition to being one of the most effective nappy rash/barrier creams on the market) including treating eczema, clearing up rashes, repairing dry, cracked or sunburned skin, protecting dry or cracked nipples (and is safe for breastfeeding), conditioning curls and generally promote healing.

    Did we mention that it smells divine? The Pot of BUTTer (226g) is the most popular form of CJ’s BUTTer, but it is one of the many fantastic CJ’s products (including sprays, sticks and little sample size pots).

    - RRP $17.95 - see more at the website -

    Reviewers will need to meet the following criteria –
    • you have a child in nappies, or who suffers from eczema
    • alternatively, you suffer from eczema or damaged nipples
    • you have to be able to use this product for four weeks and write a review (at least 50 words long) by FRIDAY 10th of January.
    • you are a member of our Reviewer Panel (you can join up - info here)
    • your Reviewer Panel details are up-to-date with your current address
    To apply:
    • write in this thread and tell us why we should select you
    • please confirm that the address you have entered into the Reviewer Panel details of your profile are currently correct by writing 'address is correct' in your application. If you do not do this, your application will not be considered
    To check your address in your profile, go to User Control Panel > Edit Profile and scroll down to the Reviewer Panel Street Address and Suburb fields. These details CANNOT be seen by anybody other than our administrators.
    We'll be selecting 10 reviewers from all the posts made by 10am (Brissie time) on MONDAY 2nd of December.

    If you are selected as a reviewer you must provide us with a written review by FRIDAY 10th of January (if you think you won't be able to do the review in this time, please don't apply).

    When we select reviewers, we give preference to regular contributors to our community and those who have posted in our reviews section previously. (How to add a review guide.) So if your review total = 0, the chances are you won't get picked! You can review a whole heap of pregnancy & parenting items, as well as local parks, and most of anything you can think of! So get to reviewing some other products if you want a chance to review in one of our panels.

    And if you miss out this time, don't worry, there will be plenty of other opportunities coming up soon! Subscribe to this section to make sure you are the first to hear about any opportunities.

    If you are not a member of our Reviewer Panel and you would like to be considered for FREE products, find out how to you can join up here.
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    Would love to try this. My dd is still in nappies and has really bad nappy rash alot. We've tried sudocream, powder, paw paw, bepanthem. All to no success.

    address is correct
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      I would love to try this for myself! I have eczema and another skin condition and I haven't found anything that works. I would love to see if this works.

      Address is correct :-)


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        Would love to try! I have a 2 year old and a 14 week old to use it on. My 2 year old is a heavy wetter and always has a nappy rash. We have tried a lot of products and he still has problems! Poor little guy just wants a nice smooth bum Oh and he also has a beautiful lot of ringlets just waiting to be conditioned!

        Address is correct
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          Pick me please, as I already think I use one of the most effective nappy rash/barrier creams on the market, so would love to be proven wrong and try this one on my little one who is teething and suffering with horrible nappy rash etc. I am also curious as to it's multiple benefits, especially the 'conditioning curls' one as I have a 3 year old with a head of unruly ringlets!

          ETA: Address details are correct
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            Thanks guys! I'll keep you early birds in mind when choosing reviewers


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              We would love to try this and review it. DD suffers from eczema, also DP has has eczema and I have bad skin too. It's really hard to find creams that suit our family. DP also works outside and as a result often has sunburnt and cracked skin and finds it hard to find creams that help.

              My address is correct at present (we are moving house on dec 20 however).
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                i would love to review this I currently have 2 in nappies


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                  Any other interest?


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                    I am, just let me go and join the reviewers panel. Can I do it from my phone?


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                      Originally posted by BubblesK View Post
                      I am, just let me go and join the reviewers panel. Can I do it from my phone?
                      You just have to make sure you've got the the reviewer panel sections filled out correctly in your profile details (address, name, etc.) 'm not exactly sure if you can on the app, but you should be able to if you go to the full site on your phone, it might just take a bit longer.


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                        Yeah I checked I can't from the app. I will go and do it on the desk top


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                          Would be thrilled to give this cream a go, my DS suffers from eczema on his face and back.
                          We're yet to find a cream that helps and isn't full of nasty stuff, with summer and swimming coming up I would be so grateful to anything that might give him some relief.

                          My address is correct.


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                            Yes please one in cloth nappies. Address us correct.

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                              Yes please! One in cloth that gets nappy rash when teething. And I am eczema prone. Address is correct