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How to Add a Review - & Login Problems

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  • How to Add a Review - & Login Problems

    The reviews area uses the forum login facility. There have been some issues with the reviews area not recognising logins. We are endeavouring the fix this, however, in the meantime, please follow these tips for best results.

    • Visit the forum and login there BEFORE you go to reviews
    • Check that you are logged into the forum - your username appears in the top right of forum pages if you are logged in correctly
    • Go to the reviews area:
    • Find the product that you wish to review by either going to the relevant category and locating the product or by using the reviews search box that appears on each page in the reviews area
    • Click on Write a Review for this product (see *** note below)
    • You should not be asked for a name or email at this stage (see *** below)
    • Type in your review and select your ratings score
    • Cut and paste a copy of your review into a word document - that way you've got a copy if the reviews login drops out when you submit your review
    • When you click submit, the page should refresh and immediately show your review together with all other reviews for that product.

    If when you click on Write a Review you get a screen that asked for your name and email, the system has not recognised your login. Stop here. Go back to the forum and make sure you are logged in. Then go back to reviews. If it still doesn't recognise your login, try again later.

    What if the product is not there?
    If you can't find the product listed in the relevant category - and you've searched for it using the search box - you can click on one of these 3 links:

    Just add the product name - DON'T ADD A DESCRIPTION AT ALL, we don't include these. DON'T WRITE YOUR REVIEW in the Description field.

    If you wish to suggest a product AND write a review at the same time, select the top option. It will allow you to suggest the product and then write a review.

    Reviews for NEW products DO NOT go live immediately. The suggested products have to be reviewed and approved by administrators first. You need to allow 7 days for this.

    We may add new categories that are suggested at a later date, but adding a new category requires us to research that category and add multiple products at the same time. We only do this as and when we have time.

    PLEASE DO NOT ADD REVIEWS FOR INDIVIDUAL BUSINESSES. The reviews area is for products. The only places that we review are parks and local attractions.

    Reviews that don't fit the rules above will be deleted.

    Thank you

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    What I find is that the forum's login time is much longer than for reviews. So if I've been logged into the forum for ages, although not actively posting, & I go to the reviews admin area - it says that I'm not logged in, even though I am logged into the forum. If I then go & post something in the forum & then go back to the reviews admin area it says that I am logged in.

    It might be worth trying to go to reviews after you have just posted in the forum & see if that helps.


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      Is it possible to edit a review once it's up? I'd like to change some things about the BeemaQ pram I reviewed. Have learned some things since.


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        Originally posted by Azvanna View Post
        Is it possible to edit a review once it's up? I'd like to change some things about the BeemaQ pram I reviewed. Have learned some things since.
        You are not able to edit it yourself, but if you PM the things you want to change then I can edit it for you.