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2 x specialist Wheat & Gluten Free Diabetes Cookbooks need reviewers!

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  • 2 x specialist Wheat & Gluten Free Diabetes Cookbooks need reviewers!

    We've got two copies of a beautiful cookbook specifically aimed at diabetics with coeliac disease. Fantastic photos and a wide range of recipes from salads and soups to custard fruit flan and date & fig scones. Reviewers will get to keep the book.

    The book is available from newsagents and book stores.

    Click image for larger version

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    Wheat and Gluten Free Diabetes (Dr Sue Shepherd $34.95)

    Delicious healthy recipes suitable for those with Coeliac disease and diabetes, including soups, salads, entrée’s, main meals, desserts and baked goods. The recipes in the book balance the special dietary requirements for both conditions, and provide readers with very tasty alternatives so they don’t miss out! The author is Dr Sue Shepherd, a practicing dietitian who has coeliac disease herself. Sue’s expertise is recognised internationally and has won numerous awards including the Dietitians Association of Australia Award. She regularly features in media commenting on coeliac related issues.

    This is what you need to do

    Reply to this thread IF:
    • you are or have a family member who is a diabetic coeliac and are willing to try the recipes in this book
    • you would be able to write a review for us
    • you are a member of our Reviewer Panel (you can join up - info here)
    • your Reviewer Panel details are up-to-date with your current address (user cp > edit profile to change your details - remember members cannot see this info, only admins can see this data)
    • you must live in Australia

    By replying to this thread, you agree to:
    • test and use the product conscientiously for two weeks after you receive it
    • post a review in our reviews section within three weeks of receiving the product (but not before you have tested it for two weeks)
    • your review must be at least 50 words long and written in a way that is easy to understand

    If you agree to all the above, post in this thread saying Pick Me!!

    We'll look at all the posts that have been made 10am Monday morning (5 Dec) Brissie time, and select one lucky viewer. If you have completed your Reviewer Panel details correctly, we'll have your name and address and will be able to send you the product.

    Preference will be given to regular contributors to our community and those who have posted in our reviews section previously. How to add a review guide

    And if you miss out this time, don't worry, there will be plenty of other opportunities coming up soon! Subscribe to this section to make sure you are the first to hear about any opportunities.

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    I am interested. I have family members with diabetes (not coeliac however), and get gestational diabetes when pregnant and am prone to type 2 diabetes later in life.


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      I have 1x Coeliac in my family so my whole hous e is like a Coeliac hous e becaus she's very sens itive.


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        Dh is diabetic but not coeliac.


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          I have a dear son who is Gluten intolerant but the Doctors are testing him for cealiac, he is very under weight for two


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            pick me!!!

            im borderline diabetic and although not ceoliac, i am prone to gallstone attacks and need to follow a gluten free diet.

            i was diagnosed with gestational diabetes with DD but unfortunately my doctors can't say its gone im right on the borderline.

            its so hard to so i would love to review this book!!

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              Pick me my DD1 aged 4 is a type 1 insulin dependent diabetic and eats like a coeliac due to stomach problems... We would love to try the recipes and write a review

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                I would be very interested in reviewing this book. I have two type 1 diabetic children, one of whom is gluten intolerant although not coeliac, and a daughter with hashimoto's disease who is extremely gluten intolerant. she controls the hypothyroidism by adhering to a gluten-free diet.


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                  Thanks for the replies - the lucky reviews are:


                  We'll get those books in the post to you shortly and look forward to your reviews when you get the chance in this category

                  You also need to make sure that you have edited your User Profile to say that you want to be part of the Reviewer Panel and you have completed all your details (these details can ONLY be seen by forum administrators and not by anyone else)

                  CanJme - I couldn't pick you because you haven't signed up to the Reviewer Panel yet - just edit your profile to be eligible for the next trial products.

                  For those of you who missed out this time, there'll be plenty more items up for grabs. Remember to make reviews about any products that you've used or books that you've read, parks that you've been too, etc in the reviews area because the number of reviews you've made previously is the biggest factor in picking the reviewer (as well as suitability for the product)!


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                    thank you soooo much!!! i never even knew books like this existed.... its so hard trying to find new recipes that cater for diabetics as well as gluten free!

                    my DH thanks you in advance for new, tasty recipes that aren't the same every time ... might even try and palm them off as 'normal' recipes hehe

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                      Oops! Wrote a reply but I think it disappeared into the ether! Thank you for selecting me to review this exciting looking book. My taste testers are eagerly waiting with knives and forks at the ready!


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                        Hi bh,
                        I haven't received as yet... Do you know if this has been sent? Was hoping to use some recipes for xmas

                        If not, that's ok... Just don't want for it to be lost in the post.

                        Merry xmas!!!

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                          The cookbook has arrived and I am excitedly trying out recipes. Thank you BubHub for this winderful oportunity


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                            Hi bh,
                            Still haven't received yet...

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                              I have now posted my review, or at least I HOPE I have posted it. I am rubbish with anything to do with computers