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2 x beautiful Pregnancy Cookbooks up for grabs for reviewers!

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  • 2 x beautiful Pregnancy Cookbooks up for grabs for reviewers!

    We've got two copies of a beautiful cookbook aimed at optimal health and nutrition during pregnancy up for review! Beautiful photos and yummy sounding recipes - Sticky Date Muffins anyone??

    Reviewers will get to keep their book.

    The book is available from newsagents and book stores.

    Click image for larger version

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    Pregnancy (Joanne Turner)

    Eating well during pregnancy is very important for you and your baby. To ensure you are both getting all you need for optimum health, it is recommended that you include a range of nutritious foods in your diet. This cookbook provides healthy recipes for all occasions making it easy for you to know you’re getting the variety you need, as well as getting your baby’s health off to a good start. Recipes cover breakfast, snacks, mains, desserts and drinks. Author Joanne Turner is an award-winning accredited practicing dietitian, sports dietitian and exercise physiologist. She is a regular media consultant and has appeared on Sunrise, The Morning Show, Today Tonight, Channel 10 and Foxtel. Joanne is also a regular guest on radio stations around Australia.

    This is what you need to do

    Reply to this thread IF:
    • you are pregnant
    • you would be able to these products and write a review for us
    • you are a member of our Reviewer Panel (you can join up - info here)
    • your Reviewer Panel details are up-to-date with your current address (user cp > edit profile to change your details - remember members cannot see this info, only admins can see this data)
    • you must live in Australia

    By replying to this thread, you agree to:
    • test and use the product conscientiously for two weeks after you receive it
    • post a review in our reviews section within three weeks of receiving the product (but not before you have tested it for two weeks)
    • your review must be at least 50 words long and written in a way that is easy to understand

    If you agree to all the above, post in this thread saying Pick Me!!

    We'll look at all the posts that have been made 10am Monday morning (5 Dec) Brissie time, and select one lucky viewer. If you have completed your Reviewer Panel details correctly, we'll have your name and address and will be able to send you the product.

    Preference will be given to regular contributors to our community and those who have posted in our reviews section previously. How to add a review guide

    And if you miss out this time, don't worry, there will be plenty of other opportunities coming up soon! Subscribe to this section to make sure you are the first to hear about any opportunities.
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    Pick me!

    Coming to you live from my iPhone (darn auto correct....)


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      Ohh Pick Me! Sounds like a great cookbook


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        Please pick me ! I'm pregnant and I moving into a house with a nice new oven and kitchen. Need to break it in!!!!


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          Pick me.


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            Pick Me!!


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              Pick me! Have managed to only put on 5kgs in my 25+3 weeks of pregnancy. Would love some more information on continuing to have a healthy pregnancy.


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                Pick me!! pretty please


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                  Ohh pick me please


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                    I would love to test them. I am an avid cook, pregnant and over weight so could do with some structured nutritional guidance.

                    Pick me.

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                      When will we know who gets to review.


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                        Is it too late to say PICK MEEEE!!!!

                        I might consider buying this book if I can't review it I looove cooking!

                        Proudly brought to you by Mumma Puffins portable telecommunication device!


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                          Thanks for the replies - the lucky reviews are:


                          We'll get those books in the post to you shortly and look forward to your reviews when you get the chance in this category

                          For those of you who missed out this time, there'll be plenty more items up for grabs. Remember to make reviews about any products that you've used or books that you've read, parks that you've been too, etc in the reviews area because the number of reviews you've made previously is the biggest factor in picking the reviewer!


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                            Ooo yay, thank you! I can't wait, I love testing out new recipes


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                              Thank you it just arrived.

                              We so excited about with recipe to try first.