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  • Don't miss out on free Review Products!

    Reviewers for some products will be selected based on responses to threads posted in this section of the forum.

    To make sure that you don't miss out on any opportunity - subscribe to this forum section and get an email straight to your inbox each time a new thread is posted in this section.

    How do I subscribe?

    Subscribing to a forum section means that you’ll only get a message when a new thread is started and your inbox won’t get clogged up! No technical knowledge or specialist software is required. (If you do want to get every message for a particular discussion, you can always subscribe to that particular thread in the usual way).

    To subscribe:
    1. Navigate to the forum section of interest. Any time you see a little orange RSS button, you can subscribe to that section.
    2. Click on the orange RSS button
    3. A screen will open up. Select where you want the feed to go – most people are happy for it to go to the email inbox, usually Microsoft Office Outlook
    4. Click on the Subscribe Now button
    5. A box will open up in Microsoft Outlook
    6. Click Yes (bub hub is a safe and trustable source)
    7. A sub-folder will appear in your Outlook inbox called RSS. A Bub Hub folder will appear here automatically and your emails will go into this folder each time a new thread is started in your chosen section.

    Easy as!

    You can delete a subscription at any time by simply deleting the relevant outlook folder

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    Is there any way of subscribing any other way without Outlook? Like Google Reader? It keeps subscribing me to the whole forum where I get every entry, not just the ones for the reviewer panel. Ta.


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      Yes, if you go back to this screen

      you should see orange rss icons and green tick icons next to each forum section. If you click on the green tick icon, that should subscribe you to the same section in the same way that you subscribe to a thread and you can select whether to get notifications through your control panel or via email.


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        Thanks, I think I got it to work!


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          Pick ME

          Pick me for the trial, Please..........

          Im trying to get my 3 year old son to start toilet training and i am having so much trouble. He just doesnt want to do it. Maybe if it is a Winnie the Pooh toilet seat and potty it might make him a little more excited to try.

          Its driving me nuts because when i toilet trained my girls they wanted to do it straight away and i had no hassles.

          So please pick me.



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            Ooh ooh. Pick me please. My five and a half month old baby girl would love to road test the Fisher Price Discover 'N Grow Tracking Lights Musical Gym. We are unhappy with her current 'dome of distraction' which is made by another company and would love to try out what looks like a fab product.
            Thanks for the opportunity.


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              Thanks it's working ! I am very new here and looking for help from my dear forum friends.


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                  Please select me for the product trial, love to try the new products


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                    Thanks that was quick and easy