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  • Weighted Blankets

    I am thinking of getting a weighted blanket for my DD. She has anxiety and likes to pile blankets / layers on her bed, even in the summer and then proceeds to sweat all night and not sleep particularly well.

    Can anyone recommend a brand? What to look for? Are they all pretty much the same?

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    I'm sure I read something about there being a recommended blanket weight guide for the size of the person. I have no recommendations, but look at that first.


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      I got a local lady to make mine. I wanted them made in a police theme and a pokemon themed for my boys. We also a cot size one that we use on couch when watch tv etc..and both boys have lap slashes for school.

      I paid a fortune ($200 each) for mine but i didnt mind because i knew the lady my ex sil sister and i wanted to support her local business.

      Rough sizes on brochure. Its a old brochure I am not sure she is still doing them but it will give you some info.

      I seen spotlight sells fairly cheap ones on sale from $40 up from memory.