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  • Nappy help!!!

    Just wondering if I could get advice.
    I have done research and decided to go with Tooshies by Tom nappies. After telling my sister in law this she still decided to bulk buy 3 lots of Huggies nappies for my baby shower gift. Now I have all of these nappies. I heard Huggies have toxic materials in them. What should I do? Should I just use them or donate them to someone else? Has anyone used Tooshies and Huggies and can compare?


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    I would probably just use them, but I am not fussy about nappies, they all do the same job. You could ask her for the receipt and take them back to the shop and swap them. As long as the boxes are unopened it shouldn’t be a problem. Or you could always regift or sell them at a reduced price on gumtree etc.

    I wouldn’t get to set on one brand either until nubs is here, you may find that they don’t suit your babes shape and leak all the time


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      I’d just use them you’ll go through so many anyways.
      I not fussy though my kids have been in Aldi and I’ve had no problem with them at all


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        I use huggies and loved the newborn ones. I know there have been a few reports of babies reacting to them but that could happen with any brand.

        You my try the ones you think look great on paper and hate them.


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          Huggies do NOT have toxic materials in them, the only people who would try to spin you that rubbish are the cloth nappy enthusiasts.
          Huggies are the best disposables by far, they hold more, they are a lot less likely to leak overnight. They can wee in them a few times and they are dry to the touch.
          The cheaper nappies work but you use more of them so they aren't as cost effective as you'd think.
          "This too, shall pass."


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            Huggies were the only nappies that didn’t give my son a rash. I agree with PP not getting too set on a particular brand, my daughter leaked out of huggies terribly, but was great in baby love, my son was great in huggies, depends on their shape and how they fit them.


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              I love huggies, no leaks even with poo explosions.
              So with that said, I would definitely use them..nappies are expensive and you go through that many of them.

              If you strongly against using them then maybe you can re gift to someone?


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                Id not spend much time worrying about them. Use whats been given to you then buy what you like afterwards.

                In my opinion they were superior to most readily available brands