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Can anyone recommend a play mat?

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  • Can anyone recommend a play mat?

    Please can I have some help with selecting a play mat for my 3 week old - so she can enjoy tummy time.

    I am especially interested in interactive play mats that respond to her actions. A psych professor told me that unless this happened, mobiles didn't teach the child any gross motor or visual development skills and this is really important to me.

    So far, I have only found the Fisher-Price Discover 'n Grow Tracking Lights Musical Gym
    but I don't like fisher-price products as I don't like their music choices!

    Is there another product people can recommend? Thank you!

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    Lamaze do good playmats. Look on target and big w websites too. They have good mats. Unfortunately most music selected by these companies is cr@p!

    Lamaze also do a mirror to sit on the ground which is good specifically for tummy time. Once she starts rolling though, specific tummy time toys will become useless. A mat like you have linked is great. Don't forget to look for them second hand too. They are usually in great condition and much much cheaper.

    Eta look up "bright starts" and jolly baby. They do good play gyms.
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      Thank you Moongazer! I found that Lamaze mat and it looks perfect. Sadly none for sale second hand in my area.

      Why do they choose such bad music for children? Not only does it torture the parents, but it can't be good for teaching children about music!

      Thanks again!


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        I would actually use eva foam mats that you can get from Kmart, bunnings etc. the mats are not slippery unlike regular baby mats which are better for when they try to push themselves up and move plus they have more cushion effect and are big if you join them together. I would then place toys etc for the stimulation and tho way you can change the toys so its not boring.


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          We have a bubba mat expensive but worth it. Can go outside to the park in doors and baby can't eat them!


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            Originally posted by Mummy12 View Post
            We have a bubba mat expensive but worth it. Can go outside to the park in doors and baby can't eat them!
            Now that she is older I wish we had the bubba mat. Our hard wood floors mean that we use a rug, a gym mat and then the play gym.


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              We bought a foldaway bumper mat at the Melbourne Pregnancy baby children expo and they are brilliant. We are using it as a play mat at the moment later as our bub is learning to crawl and later on we can use it as a ball pool or a play pen as she grows up. a bit pricy but worth every penny as it lasts a long time.


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                sodalimebitters I found their web address