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Leapfrog My First Leap Pad - Worth It?

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  • Leapfrog My First Leap Pad - Worth It?

    Hey guys, i was wondering if any of you have had any experiences with the Leapfrog My First Leap Pad learning system?

    I'm looking at getting one for DD1 for chrissy, but i want to know what they're like and if they're worth the money.....I can get one (used) on ebay for $50 and the books for $17 each, so its not as much as buying them new, but still a fair whack.

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    DS given one for this 1st birthday, and it's great. I keep it out of reach, and we read it together so it doesn't get wrecked..... For that price, I'd say go for it!
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      We gave DS1 one last Christmas and it's a real winner It's also helped the boredom on long car trips.
      Friends are giving us their DD's old one (for 5-7yrs), so the My First leap pad we have will get handed down to DS2 (who already has the hang of it from watching big brother).
      It's something they can do on their own, or that you can help guide them through.
      The Ebay price sounds great!!


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        Thanks ladies, it sounds good then. I might go for it! Also, at least it can get handed on to DD2 if i decide to get the next stage when DD1's older.


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          Just bought it! Its a pink one with one included book, and i also got a dora one, and an alphabet one from the same seller. Saves postage! All up cost my $99, which is pretty good for all that methinks! Now i just have to see if i can hold out 'til chrissy to give it to her!

          Thanks for your help!


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            That's a great deal you got! DD is getting a baby leap pad for chrissie, cant wait!!!


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              yah, we love our MyFirst Leap Pad. often the books can be bought on sale in packs of three for about $50, so keep an eye out in the catalogs and you can pick up more for coming birthdays etc.
              You can also preview the books (all the pages) on the Leap Frog website. I do this to determine if the book is worth buying, if it's too advanced for DD or just not what I'm looking for.



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                THe sets always come cheap when Target has a sale. I saw the my first leappad with 2 books and a wiggles back pack for $49 a couple of weeks ago.

                I was going to get it buy we have the normal leappad and loads of books and I decided we were happy enough with this.

                Arrive early for the sales that happen with leappad every few weeks (first thing in the morning ) and you are bound to be lucky.

                Good luck


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                  Thanks for the link Mousebrown, i've saved it for further reference.

                  Tren, our Target out here doesn't have too much of a range for stuff like that, so i'm unlucky there. I checked them out the other day when i was there, and they didn't have the my first leap pad...only the other ones. Prices were still up around the $79 mark for the basic pack.

                  I got a reasonable deal on the one i got, so i'm happy.


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                    I have a country Target where I am too, and the prices (as it is a different company) are always a lot more!

                    I was lucky to be in Rockhampton when I saw it, it is worth remembering though that you can always order through Telephone shopping (for books in future) and they can either put them on layby for when you go into the city or send it out to you for a small fee.

                    I hope you enjoy it.



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                      Woohoo, it arrived today, and i'm stoked with it! Mackenzie will love it! Now i've really gotta try and hold off 'til christmas! I'm sooo bad at giving pressies early! LOL

                      To anyone who want one, this lady has others, and they are in excellent condition, well worth the money! (And it arrived in 2 days!)