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Best convertible car seat for someone who doesn't have a car?

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  • Best convertible car seat for someone who doesn't have a car?

    As the title suggests I am searching for a car seat for occasional use as we don't actually have a car.

    So just wondering if anyone can suggest a convertible carseat (i.e. newborn-18kgs) that would be most suitable for someone in my situation? I don't expect to use the seat very often, only really when I go on holiday or on the odd occasion I go in a friend's car or use a taxi as we generally just walk most places. Special considerations are;

    -something that is easy to fit in any type of car so it is safely fitted each time it is used
    -I suppose something fairly compact (especially in rear facing mode as I will use it in this capacity for as long as poss) so that I won't have a problem fitting it in a variety of cars
    -it must have good side impact protection

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    I've maybe narrowed it down to Safe n Sound Compaq deluxe as it seems to be a good brand and compact or the Babylove Sovereign or Royal Deluxe. Does anyone have experience with either of these in relation to my previous post?

    Or can anyone suggest any other models that would fit the bill?


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      how old is ur baby?


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        I'm 38wks pregnant.


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          ill pm you