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    Safety 1st Winnie the Pooh and Play Pals Pacifiers and Pacifier & Clip Sets

    Home Creation Children's Cot - the one sold at Aldi recently

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    oh my goodness - thanks boomtish - I am almost CERTAIN that is the pacifier that Jack uses - I'm going to call them this morning... (lucky we have one dummy of another brand )

    oh yuck .. I had that kinda of thing - how scary!!



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      Yeah it is pretty scary - I saw the ad in the paper this morning and thought I'd make a sticky.

      So if anyone else sees anything around.... post it here. I will also try to check the Product Recalls page every so often and post updates here.


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        yikes, saw the product recall page and the cracker barrel extra sharp cheese is what we buy.....but luckily the batch number was different............still will be rethinking that one


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          in the past few months a few different types of golden circle baby food has been recalled a few times.


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            recall on mountain buggy jogging strollers, again

            not sure if the phone numbers are in oz but look at the site for more details.

            The following recall:
            1) Sycamore Kids Inc. Expands Recall Again of Mountain Buggy Jogging

            April 25, 2006
            Release #06-148
            Firm's Recall Hotline: (866) 524-8805
            CPSC Recall Hotline: (800) 638-2772
            CPSC Media Contact: (301) 504-7908

            Sycamore Kids Inc. Expands Recall Again of Mountain Buggy Jogging

            WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in
            cooperation with the firm named below, today announced a voluntary
            recall of the following consumer product. Consumers should stop using
            recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed.

            Note: This expansion of the Sycamore Kids Inc. jogging strollers recall
            announced July 2005 and November 2005 involve units previously repaired
            under earlier recall announcements.
            Name of Product: Mountain Buggy Urban Single and Urban Double, Breeze

            Units: About 4,000

            Distributor: Sycamore Kids Inc., of Fort Collins, Colo.

            Hazard: The handlebar can crack or break causing the handlebar to detach
            while in use, posing a risk of injury to young children.

            Incidents/Injuries: Sycamore Kids has received 49 reports of the
            handlebars either cracking or breaking when the stroller was pulled up
            or taken down stairs. This resulted in five reports of bruises and

            Description: The recalled strollers have a metal frame and a cloth seat
            with a sun canopy. The strollers were sold in a variety of colors
            including: midnight blue, navy, red, black, silver and orange. A metal
            plate above the footrest shows the Mountain Buggy logo with "Mountain
            Buggy," and "Urban," or "Breeze" written underneath on the metal plate.
            The recalled Mountain Buggy Urban Single strollers have item number
            U1204-002, and serial numbers between 000000 and 015276. The recalled
            Mountain Buggy Urban Double strollers have item number U2204-002, and
            serial numbers between 000000 and 009221. The recalled Mountain Buggy
            Breeze strollers have item number B1204-001, and serial numbers between
            000000 and 000191. The serial number and model number are on the back of
            the metal plate.

            Sold at: Juvenile furniture retailers and baby product stores and Web
            retailers nationwide from December 2004 through September 2005 for
            between $400 and $640.

            Manufactured In: New Zealand

            Remedy: Contact Sycamore Kids to find an authorized repair center to
            receive a free replacement handlebar ratchet.

            Consumer Contact: For additional information, contact Sycamore Kids Inc.
            toll-free at (866) 524-8805 anytime, or write to
   This recall information also can be found
            on the firm's Web site at

            To view this recall online, please visit our website at:



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              Thanks Mummy Sam I have a Mountain Buggy which is part of this recall. For others in the same situation here is an Australian Link.



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                thanks mary t i was sent it in an email and i hadnt checked it out as i dont have one but i thought everybody else would like to know about it


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                  I rang Mountain Buggy today and they said that only Mountain buggys with grey buttons on the handle are the faulty ones, and if you have black buttons (like mine) they are ok.


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                    Another recall that we might be interested in - Turbo Ion Hair Straightener, Model DH-001. It could cause an electric shock, so check your model numbers.


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                      And another...

                      'Angelina Ballerina' and 'Kidsworld' brand Nighties


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                        Thanks so much in regards to the Aldi product recall


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                          You're very welcome yummymummy!

                          Another few that might be relevant to some here:

                          Pritt KidsArt Paintball applicators

                          DUO Laundry Detergent Powder (10kg size) (QLD only)

                          Baby Dynamics 3 in 1 Baby Walker
                          (ACT & NSW only)

                          You'll Love Coles Baby Infants 2 pack Terry Toweling Sleepsuits


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                            Childcare Nursery Products 'Stella' highchair

                            Kid Stuff infant girls' cord pants


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                              Hi Razzle.
                              I just wanted to let you know that I think this thread is a brilliant idea.