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    Hi! i’m a Ciara a 3rd year student nurse/midwife currently studying at the Latrobe University in Melbourne.As a part of our degree, midwives participate in what is known as the Continuity of Care Program - a way for students to gain insight and knowledge by caring and supporting women and birthing people alongside their families throughout their pregnancy, labour, and the early postnatal/parenting periods.

    If you’re interested in being involved in the CCE program it will involve me attending, 4 antenatal , Labour/birth (If possible!) and 2 Postnatal appointments.
    As a student midwife I will help providing support, information, alleviating anxiety, or even just being someone for you to talk to - the aim of the program is to cater to your needs! In doing so, you will be helping us students become the best midwives we can be by sharing your exciting time with us!

If you are interested or have any questions please contact me on.
    PH: 0425 609 606
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