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Doula in Perth, 4th pregnancy, 2 straight forward and last one was high risk

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  • Doula in Perth, 4th pregnancy, 2 straight forward and last one was high risk

    Hi ladies

    I would like to have my fourth baby at home. My last pregnancy was high risk - bed rest from 19 weeks due to subchorionic hematoma, issues with placenta - it was very small and I had threatened abruption, low amniotic fluid, IUGR, waters broke at 32 weeks, post partum hemorrhage That’s what I can remember from that one, it was 7 years ago. I am happy to give full disclosure about that pregnancy, and should there be any issues with this one (only 9 weeks) I would choose to go under OB care and deliver in hospital as it’s not worth the risk.

    My question is what would the chances be of a doula looking after me given the history of that last pregnancy? Even if all the tests and scans show everything is ok with this one? My first 2 were straight forward.

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    Are you specifically wanting a doula (not medically trained) or a private home birth midwife (trained)? I think given the history of your last birth plus adding another 7 yrs age increases risks of placental problems and therefore risks to the baby. Low fluid, IUGR, PPH preterm rupture of membranes - I wouldn't be risking it. There are midwifery care programs available if all goes smoothly but I would think with that history, it would be very unwise to homebirth unfortunately sorry!


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      [MENTION=32659]LoveLivesHere[/MENTION] is a doula I think but I’m guessing you would be wanting a midwife not doula.

      I think given your history it would be very unlikely you would be eligible and it is a risk I would not take personally.


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        Even if you had a hospital birth under an OB you could still have a doula provide supportive care for you in labour.

        From a medical perspective the risk of a post partum haemorrhage is increased as you had one with your previous birth. You would need to have a chat with your local private midwife if you were wanting to contemplate a home birth. If you birth just with a doula it is considered a free birth as they’re not trained birth providers.


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          I think you may struggle to get a midwife who is willing to do home birth with you simply due to the hemorrhage last time.


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            Don't be discouraged NewTwitch, I would suggest seeking our private midwives in your area (try having a google, or if you would like to advise where you live I could find out for you).
            Your birth history does not automatically disqualify your ability to birth at home.
            A private midwife will talk to you about your history and possible future risks and advise you whether they are happy to provide care moving forward.
            It really would be best arrange a discussion with them directly, they are experts in birth and will have much experience and wisdom to share. Midwives want the best, safest outcome for mother and baby.
            If you don't move forward with the homebirth, a doula can support you in hospital.
            All the best x