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I am looking for help/advice, I dont even know where to get my Ultrasounds doneHelp?!

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  • I am looking for help/advice, I dont even know where to get my Ultrasounds doneHelp?!

    Hi, I am a young mum to be coming up, I am 19wk 2 days at the moment and am stressing as I dont have family to talk to about this, If anyone could please help me out with what appointments I should be making and with whom It would help.

    I dont want to get my 2nd ultrasound done at perth radiology again as it is rather impersonal, and cost me more than I could afford.

    I live in Perth, W.A, in the Swan Valley.

    My email is
    If anyone would like to help me out.

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    I have found a Doctor, any additional advice would be helpful though.

    Any services or Facilitys that have helped you or friends/family out. Or any you have used and would reccomend.



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      You could try SKG Radiology instead of PRC although your anatomy scan (19wk scan) wont cost you anything as it is considered to be a 'necessary' scan.

      Why dont you have a look for your 'due in' group and chat to the ladies in there who are all going through the same things as you

      Due In Groups


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        Ive had all my scans through SKG.

        My 19 week scan we had yesterday, it was 191 dollars up front with a rebate of 85 dollars from medicare, which I went and got back straight away.. Worked out cheaper then the rest of my scans with no rebate and being 160 for one and 180 for the other.


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          Hi teejay. You might already know this, but just in case you don't I thought I'd post: you do not have to have ultrasounds I gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby girl almost two years ago after having no prenatal testing, including ultrasounds. I made this choice after reading info about ultrasounds, some of which I gained from being at bubhub:

          Obviously if you are a high risk mum or something has happened that has given you reason to beleive your baby might be in danger you might want to make use of the tests available to you to help make diagnoses and decisions about the pregnancy and birth. But if you are fortunate enough to be a healthy low risk mum with a boringly normal pregnancy not scanning is an option. Otherwise, feel free to ignore this.

          Good luck