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Student Midwife offering support and guidance during pregnancy!!

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  • Student Midwife offering support and guidance during pregnancy!!

    Are you having a BABY?
    Would you consider sharing this special time with a midwifery student?

    just for a coffeeor whatever other activities relating to pregnancy and birth that a woman would allow a student to be involved in.
    The FTJ allows women to access information and have an extra support person during the times of pregnancy and early parenting. The FTJ is also a great way to meet new people and to have someone to share your special experiences with.
    I would love to hear from all women who are interested, no matter the model of maternity care- public, private, homebirth etc. If you choose to be a part of the FTJ your model of care is not affected. The follow through journey is a great way for me as a student to learn from your experience and will help me greatly to become a competent and confident midwife in the future. I am located in the Eastern- suburbs of Victoria but I am willing to travel to where you choose to birth your baby.

    Look forward to speaking to you!
    Kind Regards, Jenna