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Ang experiences in MGP at RNSH?

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  • Ang experiences in MGP at RNSH?

    Hello! 👋

    I’m not pregnant yet, but hope to be later in the year. We’re currently exploring models of care and would love some advice.

    I’m interested in the Midwifery Group Practice at Royal North Shore as we live in the catchment area and I like the idea of having the same midwife throughout. For those that have gone through the program, what was your experience like? How often do you have appointments? Do you only get two ultrasounds? What do you do for appointments (eg. dating scan, tests for chromosomal abnormalities) before you start with the program?

    I can see myself getting a bit anxious and wanting to see the baby early on and wanting more ultrasounds than usually provided in the public system. Is it possible to pay for extra ultrasounds or do them privately on top of the MGP care?


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