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    I have my fingers crossed for you! I did put in a formal complaint (and I did get called back by the head of the maternity unit) about my experience with the mater and I hope this means they have looked into the communication between the mgp and the on-duty midwives.


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      I didn't go with the group first time and I never got the support you were looking for. I don't think it has to do with the group specifically, just more of a gap in education for new mum's.


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        I started through MGC at the Mater and switched to hospital care at 36 weeks along due to moving quite far from the Mater. Was not happy with MGC. I thought all was fine until i saw the ob at the hospital I transferred to who found some medical issues with the pregnancy that the MGC midwives had overlooked which meant I needed to be induced. Also, earlier in my pregnancy id been to the GP for a non-pregnancy related matter and he thought I may have GD and asked I follow this up with midwives. Midwives dismissed this and wouldn't refer me for another test. The hospital ob said the original GD result wasn't on my file and she couldn't get them from the lab as the lab had no record of me as a patient. So no idea how the midwife would have been so sure I didn't have DG.
        Overall I found the program to be a bit too 'hippyish' for my liking and not medically focussed enough. Very happy I left the program before having bub.


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          I had my second baby with MGP last week and absolutely recommend the program. I found the midwives ALL lovely and loved that you can contact them at any time via text or phone if its urgent. And given they all cover each other there is always someone there for you.

          For our first baby we chose to go private which I very much regret, hence the change to MGP this time. The midwifery model of care (which came highly recommended by my GP) is much less invasive and generally more mother-centred than my experience going privately.

          You are only admitted to the program if you are low risk. Your allocated main midwife comes to visit at your home for the initial consult after 20 weeks and you Skype the OB. I found this a little interesting after seeing a Dr nearly every visit first time, but it works. You then start your monthly group appointments at 24 weeks. At 34 weeks the group appointments become fortnightly until you have our baby.

          You can take your other children to the group appointments and they have toys and books there for them. The appointments all run on time and you go through an antenatal type talk each visit and at some point have your check. They take BP and listen to bub with the Doppler and check on how you are going. It's all very relaxed and friendly.

          I was lucky enough to have a water birth as there was a pool room free when I went into have bub. One of the other midwives was at the hospital when we got there and soon after my midwife arrived. There was always a familiar face present which really helps.

          In all I found it wonderful and if we have any more little people I will most definitely be trying again to get in with MGP.

          Also I made some wonderful friends - there were 4 of us due on the same date... everyone else came early except my little guy who came right on time.