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  • Public or Private hospital

    I'm not sure whether to go to a private hospital or public hospital to have my baby.
    Obviously private provides more personal care with better facilities, but for the extra expense, is it money well spent that perhaps could be put to better use after the birth??
    I live in Daisy Hill (Brisbane). Does anyone know what the public hospitals in my area are like???

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    Firstly do you private cover already as most insurance funds have a 12 month wait for obs.

    The level of care shouldn't be any different between public or private.

    I went private, had an obs I saw all the way through- shared care with gp too- and of course all she really did for delivery was 2 stitches afterwards.

    The big bonus for us though being in a private hospital was a beautiful huge room with a double bed . I loved it that my husband stayed with me the whole time and was there for night feeds etc. There is soooo much to learn with a first baby so to do it together was great for us.


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      Yes I have private cover, but the Obstetrician fees are non-refundable by my insurance. I worked it out and it will cost me $1500 + approx. I really want to keep seeing my own GP, she's excellent, and then go to a private hospital for the birth.


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        I think, please don't quote me on this,you pretty much need to be under the care of an obs to be admitted, and the obs to be there for delivery. Unless your gp was going to do delivery too.
        Ring a hospital you have in mind and inquire. I'm not in Qld so not much help.
        There is the Medicare Safety Net to help cover your out of pocket expenses.


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          With the Medicare safety net I only ended up being about $750 out of pocket for the OB, and I imagine it would be similar for everyone. I'm with MBF and apart from our $250 excess I did not have to pay anything else for the hospital which was great as I was quite ill and was in hospital for a month before my son was induced at 37 weeks.

          I was in the Sydney Adventist Hospital in Sydney and it was an excellent Hospital.

          Obviously this is only my opinion, but I feel that private hospitals are so much better in so many ways - you get a much higher level of care, more personal attention, your own room and the hospital in general (the state of the rooms, delivery suites, etc) is usually much nicer. I have visited friends in public hospitals in Sydney and have found them quite dirty, run down and overcrowded. Interestingly, all the girls in my mothers group who had bad experiences with their labours were in public hospitals.


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            I'm in Brisbane too and I went through the Mater Mothers. It's a rather old, dingy looking building (though they are renovating it in the near future) but as my RN friend told me "Wendy, you're not going there to admire the decor!"

            The sound of a lovely private room and somewhere for DH to stay with me for the first night sounds like a really really really beautiful idea (I cried my eyes out when DH left for the nights....) but now 6 months down the track I don't think it really would have made much difference to my life now. The $750 out of pocket expenses were much better spent elsewhere for us.

            I did shared care with my wonderful GP, so I only had to trek up to the Mater perhaps 3 times for the whole pregnancy?

            Good luck with your pregnancy and birth!
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              I had already paid into private health, for previous surgery, so when I got pregnant I decided to go private and had my baby at Sunnybank Private Hospital. Once I'd paid the Ob/gynae management fee, and had reached the threshold for the medicare saftey net (halfway through my pregnancy), I was only $5 out of pocket for my ob appts. My excess was $200 but as I'm with Medibank Private, I got it back through my bonus.
              Going private was excellent - I had the continuous care of one obstetrician, a large private room and DH could stay with me, my c/s birth went very well, and I had great care from the midwives who treated me, my DD, DH and all my visitors really well. It was the closest hospital to where I live, and there was no parking fees!! The antenatal classes and follow up baby clinic were also good and I would not hesitate in recommending it and I would do the same again. The $700 or so we were out of pocket was money well spent, as I had a fantastic experience the whole way through and you can't put money on that (especially after reading all the different experiences of fellow bubhubbers).

              If you live in Daisy Hill, you can look at Logan Hospital, Redlands or Mater for public and for private Logan Private or Sunnybank Private. I've previously worked at Logan Hospital in Maternity and have heard of mixed experiences, some good, some not. Good luck in choosing the right place for you and good luck in the pregnancy


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                I went public at Logan hospital and the RWBH for my two pregnancies and I had great experiences with both. We will be going public again this time round aswell.


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                  Hi there

                  I strongly reccomend you look into the Redlands Public Hospital. the Maternity department has an excellent reputation and you are guaranteed your own room (which doesn't happen if you go private at some of the large hospitals like Mater and Royal) although they only have single beds and partners can't stay over night (i don't think anyway).

                  My SIL had there first there recently and I was really impressed when we went to visit. It could be a good compromise if you want to do shared care.


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                    I went public and couldn't have been happier with my level of care. The main things I would be looking at is the rate of interventions, perenial tears, that sort of thing for the particular hospital you're looking at. The hospital near me is fantastic. Good luck.


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                      How can you get your own room??

                      Hi everyone,
                      I am 7 weeks with my first. Have no idea really about the difference between private and public - have friends who have done both and generally had good experiences. My biggest issue is I want my own room and like the idea of continuity of care with private. I asked the secretary when I made my first Ob appt at Royal Randwick and she said they couldn't guarantee my own room! I thought that if I was paying $5000+ for a private birth, that it would go without saying. Apparently not! Does anyone know how you can ensure you get one? (going private in a private hospital as opposed to private in a public hospital for instance?) Doesn't seem worth the money otherwise, and we want to have a water/natural birth anyway, so will go public if it's not guaranteed.


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                        Hi Julia, Congratulations!!

                        I'm not sure how to ensure you have your own room, the hospital I went to only had single rooms. I guess you'd only guarantee it by also going to a hospital that only has single rooms.


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                          good idea!

                          Or a double bed! I like the sound of that hospital that had room for your partner. Much more civilized!! :-)
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                            The hospital we went to only had a handful of double bed rooms, the others have a sofa bed for the hubbies in the room. It's a matter of what's free when you need it.

                            We were lucky we got one of the double bed rooms, as I'd only spent a couple of nights with my husband in the last 4 weeks. The m/w told us they try to reserve them for people from the country as they're bigger rooms and country people tend to have 1000's of visitors- and we did!


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                              just to let u know that I live logan however went to mater public for both of my to tell u (although haven't experienced anywhere else) I could NOT fault the birthing suites and the midwives..WONDERFULL..
                              With ds1 the 4 or so days I was there was great, except for the constant badgering about breastfeeding(wont go there). With ds2 the room was quite small and a poor lady beside me was having trouble but I only stayed one day and was more comfortable at home. So a bit of a trek but it was worth it for me..