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Another Negative Exp at North West Brisbane Private Hospital

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  • Another Negative Exp at North West Brisbane Private Hospital

    Hi All,

    unfortunately we had an incredibly bad experience at the North West Private. I have been attending counselling sessions to try and get over the psychological stress (not to mention fear of having another child in a hospital) and through that i have become aware of quite a significant number of other seriously negative experiences at the NWP and some of their obstetricians in particular.

    It seems as though many negative experiences are not discussed openly - I can completely understand why as i know how difficult it is to talk about my situation.

    Whilst i appreciate some will have had simple births, and perhaps some even good experiences (although i would ask you to consider 'compared to what') at the North West Private Hospital others will have had bad experiences or 'difficulties' that led to a c-section or worse at the North West Private. I would like to hear confidentially from any others that have had negative experiences so we might do something about it, feel free to PM me.

    We had Dr Tuicolo as an Obs.

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    Just wanted to say that I can count on one hand the number of people I know that have had positive experiences at NWP. We chose to travel an hour to Nambour Selangor (also ramsay health but worlds apart) rather than a twenty minute drive to NWP. People should be informed about their births and should be asking about intervention rates and caesar rates prior to booking in. I have no doubt if I had birthed at NWP that I would have been given a Caesar by instead my midwife respected my wishes and allowed me a Beautiful birth

    I wish you all the best with your recovery, may I suggest the book 'misconceptions' by Naomi Wolf. Feel free to pm me, talking about your trauma will help you heal.


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      Hey I was considering North West for birth this time around UNTIL the receptionist at the doc's office I was considering wouldn't tell me his C section rates and when I pushed she basically said it was irrelevant and that if I needed a c section I'd get one simple as that. So... Needless to say I'm going elsewhere. Had heard so much poor feedback it didn't take much to convince me to give north west a miss.
      So sorry to hear you had a bad experience there OP. It's a shame to know that you're not alone too...


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          my 2 cents

          I would like to put in my 2 cents worth. I had dr Tuicolo for the birth of my first child and I found him funny, cuddly and relaxed. He is happy to let your birth progress naturally but will not risk you or your child's health if things don't go as planned. I had a natural birth with no pain relief and I found the experience painful but beautiful. The midwives were exceptional and Dr Tuicolo was there in the background making sure everything was okay at all times. He even let the midwife deliver which was lovely as she'd been with me all day, even changing her shift allocation to continue on with me. He is experienced and a good dr. When I had issues after the birth of my child he whisked me up into surgery and did a fantastic job. He then checked on me every day while I was in hospital. Dr Tuicolo is more affordable than some other doctors, and I think anyone considering having him as their obstetrician should go for it. The only thing he won't do is allow you to have a water birth, because it is hospital policy. If I can afford to, I will definately be going to him for the birth of my second child.


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            i am very happy for you that you seem to be one of the lucky ones with Tuicolo and the NWP. From what i have found there is a proportionally significant number of people from that hospital with negative experiences (particularly worrying considering it is far far smaller than the mater etc)

            Unfortunately after seeking a further medical opinion i cannot believe that our obs is skilled at his profession nor the midwives at the hospital.

            It made me realise that unfortunately doctors and nurses are no different than any other trade person, just because they are qualified it doesnt actually mean they are talented or even competent at their job.

            I would certainly not recommend, or be returning to Dr Tuicolo if i am ever able to have another child, and would strongly recommend taking a Doula or someone with medical knowledge who can support you if you do have to have him again or even attend the NWP.
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              I am truly sorry to hear that you had such a terrible time with the birth of your child. Everyone wants to have a nice experience where they trust those who are looking after them. I hope that you find someone you trust for the birth of your next child, if you are planning on having another. A doula is a good idea. I have also heard that the midwives at the birth centre in the royal hospital are lovely and you don't deal with obstetricians there unless something goes wrong. The birth centre's intervention rates are extremely low in comparison to private hospitals, who I might add, all have similar intervention rates to each other. I think private hospitals can learn a lot from birth centres.

              I still emphasise the wonderful, caring nature of the midwives at north west, who I missed dreadfully when I was eventually sent home. They are very kind and compassionate people. It was a wonderful place to have my first baby. My baby was put into special care for a few days and I was surrounded by midwives trying to make me feel happier and comfortable. When bubs had trouble breastfeeding they were there all the time giving me the support I needed. I believe Dr Tuicolo is a great doctor who is all for natural births where possible and who is very easy going.


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                Hi Daisynwp,
                We had our first bub at nwp last year with Dr Tuicolo. While it wasn't how I thought it would be I don't think I would say it was overly negative. We were induced after going over 40 weeks and after a failed induction (as once I had an epidural the contractions started to slow up nearly to a stop) we ended up having a c-section 26 hours later. Dr Tuicolo really wasn't around until the c-section which didn't really bother me and he was very good in the theatre and I ended up with a very neat scar. The most negative part of the whole thing for me was that even after paying so much in private health we still ended up in a share room and during the induction because of the syntocin i had to stay beside the bed, i would have loved to have used the shower etc( i would not choose induction next time if i had a choice). I am however interested to hear of your experience as we would probably choose dr tuicolo again. I hope things are getting better for you!


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                  I also had an induction at 42 weeks. Dr Tui had given me a stretch and sweep at 40 weeks and suggested an induction 41 weeks but I asked him to give me a bit longer. At 42 weeks I decided that I had given bubs long enough to make his appearance. I had my waters broken by Dr Tui and my contractions got underway because I walked vigorously for a couple of hours. I had no other intervention during the birth after this except for a small episiotomy as I was starting to tear. I spent most of the labour in the hot shower and had rooms to myself all week. I was terrified of having an induction from all the horror stories that people have, but mine was quite alright.


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                    The royal birth centre has a low intervention rate because they only take patients who have absolutely no issues.
                    I loved north west (2009) and would use Dr Sheahan again in a heartbeat. Friends have had Dr Tui and spoken very highly of him. I believe they do all they can for a vaginal birth to occur, but will not risk baby or mums health for it.


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                      I'm so sorry to hear that you had such a bad experiance at North West. I am one of the lucky one as I had my first DS there and had no issues, and a wonderful Ob in Dr Martin D'Arcy Evans. I have found him to be a sweet, wonderful man who I am returning to again to have this bub. He is definately pro natural birth and not big on c sections which I love.

                      That being said I wouldn't go near Tuicolo with a 20 foot pole. We were originally suppose to be seeing him for my first pregnancy but found out at 6 weeks (in emergency) that it was an ectopic. The ER doctor rang him to tell him as I would need surgery the next day and Tuicolo flat out told him "there is no baby, I'm not interested" and hung up on him. On a few occasions where we have come into contact with him (we pass his office to get to my ob's, and in general in the maternity ward once I had DS) we found him to be arrogant, rude and just not nice.


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                        mummaoj- i agree with you that the royal birth centre has low intervention rates as their clients are risk free...but even so, i think private hospitals have more intervention - even with patients who have no issues...


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                          I'm sorry to hear that you had a bad experience there. I gave birth at NWP, with Dr Bob Watson as my obstetrician (and Dr Hasan Titiz, as Bob was on holiday for a time). I thought that they were wonderful throughout pregnancy, birth, and after-care, and I will definitely go there next time.

                          Most of the people I know had their children there (one with Dr T), and I have only heard positive things.

                          I agree that all private hospitals have higher intervention rates, but there are other factors involved there too. E.g., private hospitals tend to have mothers with an 'older' average age, and also more that are overweight (not sure why - perhaps related to age?) - both of which are factors likely to increase the need for intervention. As a PP said, they also take more 'difficult' cases. Dr Watson (at NWP) is a fertility specialist and, because of that, also has a higher rate of multiple births than a non-specialist would.


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                            I have to disagree with some of these comments. At the end of the day its your choice if you want to have a c section and the dr CAN NOT force you to have it !!! You can always ask to see another ob for a 2nd opion. If you don't wan't to have one girls speak up!!! Its your body'!!!

                            I had my first in Feb 09 and my 2nd child in Sept 10 and had a fantastic experience both times!!! First time i had to have a c section due to a medical problem and the 2nd time i wanted a vaginal birth but after being in labour for 3 days and i wasn't induceable I decided it was time to get bubs out. My OB was Chris Price but he was away the time i went into labour but i had his side kick Jamie Freebie who was fantastic!!!! I highly reccomend him ! At no stage did he force me into haveing a c section!!

                            The girls at the northwest were all fantastic except for one night nurse who was a bit old school and sort of frowned upon me for not breast feeding

                            I would certinally go back there!!!


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                              Hi Daisynwp,
                              How do I PM you for my comment as I have had a bad experience at NWPH as well.