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North West Private or Wesley Hospital (Brisbane)?

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  • North West Private or Wesley Hospital (Brisbane)?


    I had my first DD in Sydney and so I am very unfamiliar with Brisbane hospitals. I live on the northside and was wondering if anyone can help me out with experiences at either of the above two hospitals? I am wanting to TTC #2 in the next few months but would like to be prepared as to where I'll eventually give birth so I can book things in as soon as I get a BFP. Do you get a private room at both hospitals? Are the midwives nice? Which hospital would you choose?

    Thanks for any help you can give,

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    heya I had my little man at the wesley. You do get a private room, but there is one shared room which is used if all other rooms are full. I had to share for the first night. The rest of the week was in my own room. The midwives are lovely and the whole hospital thing was great, considering I wasn't at home Nothing beats your own bed of course



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      Octobermum - heard lots of great things about North West Private, in particular Dr Robert Watson - but he is very hard to get into (I couldn't get in at 5 1/2wks) & you basically have to book with him as soon as sperm hits egg! Goodluck.


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        I too had my baby at the Wesley. Lovely hospital (although I had the shared room for the first night too - but the other bed was empty). Private rooms, shared bathrooms. Two privately ensuited rooms that are Queen size as well.

        I found them excellent.

        Just to confuse the matter though, I've had a friend deliver at North West and she also gave rave reviews.


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          Hi there

          I had my bub at North West private hospital and I found it fantastic.
          Its not a huge hospital and you don't have to pay for parking either which you can do at the bigger hospitals.

          They have a couple of shared rooms but they only put you in them if they are absolutely full. They then transfer you to a single room as soon as one is available.
          I know they are undergoing renovations and getting rid of the shared rooms and they will be all single rooms so you should be guaranteed one then. You have your own bathroom in the room also.

          They have a nursery so if you have your baby late arvo or evening they offer to take bub to the nursery for the first night if you want so you can get some rest which I thought was a great option to have.

          I found the midwives to be all great. I think you strike good and bad in all midwives everywhere though, it just depends on who is on or how you are feeling as to what you think of them. I didn't find any one person terribly bad though.

          A great and popular OB that works out of there is Dr Christopher Price. He has a weird sense of humour and gets in and does the job rather than sitting around chatting about it for too long and for that I am now told he is very popular and at times booked out. He is one of many who work there to keep in mind !!!!

          Umm thats it I think...


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            Thanks so much for all the replies. It sounds they are both great hospitals so I think I'll just see which Ob is available at the time and take it from there.

            Thanks again,