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Hcf or Bupa waiving the waiting period if I'm due 6 days before its up?

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  • ExcuseMyFrench
    I did!

    I am with medibank and my EDD was initially within the 12 months waiting period by 2 weeks.

    I freaked!! Called the customer centre several time, they always said they couldn't do anything etc.

    In the end, I asked to end my cover and to be put through to customer retention. I explained I was moving to BUPA as they would cover me and I was really disappointed to not be able to stay with Medibank.

    They were then super nice and made no issue whatsoever changing the date of my pregnancy cover :-)
    I obviously had to back pay the difference.

    That was back in September 2014.

    Good luck!

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  • Hcf or Bupa waiving the waiting period if I'm due 6 days before its up?

    HI everyone.

    hoping someone can help me! I'm hoping I'll be pregnant this cycle but that would put my due date about a week before my top cover waiting period is up with HCF. I'm planning on moving to BUPA soon I think.

    Has anyone ever been in this situation and tried to negotiate with their PHI provider??? What did they say, who was it?

    We could have waited until next month but that would put me due around Christmas which I don't want and I also don't want another summer baby! So if it's not this month we will have to wait months before trying and I really don't want that but I also really don't want to go to our public hospital, it's awful there!