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Another name thread - help pls with boy name

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  • Another name thread - help pls with boy name

    Only a few weeks until we find out if button is a boy or a girl. I am sectrely wishing for a girl simply because I haven't found any boys names I love - so I am trying to find something I love so I can be equally excited about my news.

    I have been thinking long and hard and keep coming back to two names

    Problems are
    1. Do you have to give them a proper name and then shorten it. ie, Alfred/Archer/Archibald?
    2. Our surname is S.tuart so it would be Alfie Stuart (like home and away)


    ETA: DH syas he doesn't like Archie and reminded me that its our nieghbours dogs name. But he likes Finn (which was on my list ages ago)

    Soo, whatcha think of Finn
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    Hmm Alfie Stuart would probably nix it for me, even though I love the name!

    I think Archie can be on it's own, but I'd probably make it the short form of Archer just to be safe.

    Cute names!


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      i like archer- its ds's name

      we went full name so its less casual when he is older- but use archie now.

      we didnt realise how popular it would become though- so thats something to think about- if its important to you.


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        Both your boys names are lovely. I don't think using the shortened version is a problem. My DS2 is Charlie - not Charles. Hardly anyone has ever even asked if it is actually Charles (except MIL )...

        I wouldn't worry about the Home Abs Away reference either. Fact is your Alfie will be around a lot longer than a telly character. I actually named DS1 Noah ten years ago and at this time there was a Noah actually on Home And Away, and other than that a fairly uncommon name. I was worried I'd given him a soapie name. Now I bet hardly anyone even remembers the Noah from Home And Away.

        Go with what you love, don't worry too much about those minor details. There'll always be someone who doesn't love what you name your babies - not important!