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TTC after recurrent miscarriage

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  • TTC after recurrent miscarriage

    I'm 40 years old and am currently experiencing my second miscarriage in 4 months. I had a MMC of MCMA twins at 10.5 weeks on 22/1/2018 and am currently at the end of a fairly traumatic septic miscarriage at 11 weeks (USS at 8+1 diagnosed a MMC).

    I have a 22 month old daughter who was conceived during my 2nd month of trying at 38. My first cycle was a chemical pregnancy. I then conceived my twins on my first cycle of trying for #2. I then conceived on my 2nd cycle trying after my miscarriage only for it to end in miscarriage again.

    It's been a very traumatic 3 weeks since I found out this baby didn't have a heartbeat at 8+1 weeks on 18/5/18. I ended up becoming unwell with infection and had a D&C 30/5/18 which ultimately failed and required misoprostol on 6/6/18 for an incomplete miscarriage. I have since developed sepsis and am 5 days into a hospital admission for intravenous antibiotics.

    Given my age I really don't want to wait any longer than I have to conceive again. I'm a solo mum and have been having IUI with donor sperm. I'm hoping that my specialist will okay TTC again in July or august. I'm planning to ask for some further testing of myself and this baby has been sent for genetic testing just o get more answers.

    I have an autoimmune condition with raised ANA and anti-Ro antibodies and have arranged a phone consultation with Dr Matthias (reproductive immunologist) on 2/7/18. But have already been on prednisone, clexane and aspirin during both the pregnancies that I ultimately miscarried.

    I'm just wondering if anyone else has had a D&C or prolonged miscarriage and when they TTC again after it? Also how long did it take to conceive their rainbow? I'm just looking for some hope at this point and would love success stories.

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    I am so sorry for what you have gone through. It is such a traumatic experience and I hope you have a big support network around you to help you get through this. The prolonged nature of your miscarriage must have been very hard on you physically and emotionally

    My story is that I also had two miscarriages in 4 months. The first one was at 6 weeks in October last year after discovering the pregnancy was not viable and my ob gave me misoprostal to speed things along. I bled for about two weeks. I then conceieved my second pregnancy two cycles later, which went fine until a scan at 9 weeks in January when my ob couldn't find a heartbeat (after seeing one at 7 weeks). I had a D&C that day. Genetic testing revealed the baby had triploidy syndrome.

    It took me a long time to recover emotionally from that (I'm not sure I have fully yet). We took a month off ttc because I just couldn't face it again. After three cycles of ttc we had a chemical pregnancy and the cycle after that I fell pregnant. I'm currently 6 weeks along so really anything can still happen, though I'm trying to be positive.

    Hopefully your dr will give you the ok to try againas soon as you feel ready. There is no real reason to wait. My only advice is to allow yourself time to grieve your babies. I wish you all the best and fast healing x


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      TTC after recurrent miscarriage

      So sorry to hear about your angel babies.

      I suffered my first miscarriage in 2016 (at 8 weeks). I conceived 3 months later (I didn’t ovulate for two cycles and as soon as I ovulated we got pregnant). I was 40 then and she is now a bouncy 1 year old.

      So hang in there and when the time is right you shall get your rainbow bub.