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Cycle after an early miscarriage

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  • Cycle after an early miscarriage

    Hi ladies,

    Just wondering if anyone has any advice/has BTDT?

    I had a chemical pregnancy last cycle and miscarriaged naturally a few days after AF was due. I counted the first day of bleeding as CD1, and at CD8 I started using OPKs just in case I O'd early (thinking cycle might be a bit all over the place).

    Since then (CD19 today), I have used an OPK every single day, and each day have gotten a very faint test line. Every day. Never gotten darker. Since CD8 I have had creamy CM, and from CD12 I have had cramping, slightly tender bbs and EWCM. The EWCM is still going today. I would usually O CD16, and while I had all the usual symptoms I didn't ever get a positive OPK, in fact it hasn't gotten any lighter or darker at all?! I've used two different brands, one IC and the other a Pregnosis OvuPlan.

    SO confused?! We've BD'd every day since last Friday but having a break tonight and I guess we'll just keep going every second day and I'll keep testing.

    Is it possible I haven't ovulated despite all the EWCM, cramps to one side and sore boobs?

    Thanks for listening

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    sorry i cant offer you any exact reasons as to what's going on in your cycle, but possibly the m/c has affected your hormones and 3 things may have/be happening. you may have ovulated early, so before CD8, you may not ovulate at all this cycle, or you may be going to late.

    guess none of that helps, but maybe call this month a rest month and you'll hopefully be back to normal cycle next month.

    Good luck with it all


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      With all my early losses, the following month has been slightly different. I agree with merri you may still be yet to O or have done so early. If that is the case hopefully with all the bding you are still in with a chance this month.

      Have you used opks much before? You can sometime miss O depending on when you test. I know for me I could test in the morning (11am) and have a faint line, by night it is positive, next morning if I was only testing once a day it would be back to faint line.

      If you have a stack of ic, I would test twice a day.

      Gooodluck, I hope your positive comes soon


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        Thanks ladies,

        I did another OPK just now and the line has gotten darker :-) Will test again later on this afternoon. We BD'd this morning and will tomorrow as well.

        Thanks for your help and support x


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          Let us know how u go sfw!

          My cycles have always been normal after my chemical and 2 other m/c's. I've just ovulated a day or two later than usual.