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TTC with a little help from the alternative medicines

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  • TTC with a little help from the alternative medicines

    Of late, I have been thinking of going back to doing some acupuncture to balance my energy and to start my chinese herbs again. I actually started doing this as a compliment to the IVF I was doing earlier this year. It is recorded that receiving acupuncture treatment whilst doing IVF can help. I researched around as I wanted an authentic acupuncturist combined with a chinese herbalist. I got a double bonus a chinese herbalist and acupuncture specialist who specialises in fertility. At the time of starting it, my chinese lady advised that it would take around 3 months before we would start to see results. Well I actually only ended up doing 8 weeks for a couple of reasons, one being financially as we had just purchased a block of land and the other being that we were moving office and I was in charge of coordinating everything! Anyway a few weeks after stopping, I fell pregnant naturally (which is my most recent miscarriage).

    I decided last week that I really should start doing it again, as I have been feeling so out of balance, depressed and really feeling out of my depth. I went for my first acupuncture on Saturday and we discussed what had happened since I last saw her (as in my pregnancy) and she said that I should have come to her straight away so she could have done some acupuncture therapy on me to "make baby stay" so to speak.

    I was never a great believer in the alternative therapies and still do hold a certain amount of sceptacism to a lot of them but I have to say the reason I am writing this, is because I truly do believe that the 8 weeks of acupuncture and the 8 weeks of those horrible herbal brews I made and drank twice a day, really did help me fall pregnant. I did the real chinese herbs - where you have to boil them for a minimum of half an hour and drink at least a cup full of the liquid extracted from the herbs, twice a day. Most herbalists will give you pills or ground powder solutions, but the way I did it was so much more authentic and a ritual that had to be followed, that you really do feel it work. It is not for those who's stomachs turn easily, because the smell is not that pleasant and the drink is worthy of a good gag or two!
    Still my chinese lady, said to me that this is the better way to do it, much more potent.

    Anyway, I decided to share this with you because for all those TTC that might want to try and give it an extra helping hand then this could be just the solution for you.

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    Thanks for sharing that IT40 it's a different avenue I have not considered but will now ( i have a big fear of needles) But i want a baby more so Ill try and overcome that but i will definitely consider


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      karphil, I too had a fear of needles but after doing 18 months of IVF complete, you have to get over your fear, because you have to self-administer your injections into your stomach. Anyway, I still did not like the thought of acupuncture (because of those charts I have seen with needles sticking out from every angle). I was so suprised because it didnt hurt at all. The needles are very small and fine, and you barely feel them entering your skin. I have started the herbs again also. I hope you do give it a go, it is relaxing believe it or not, for half an hour, you cant do anything but focus on your relaxation.


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        hi karphil and iT40

        i am a chinese medicine follower too and firmly believe that it helped me get the BFP last time. i initially went to see my practitioner for sinus problems and had acupuncture and the herbs to drink (foul awful things they are - i will not lie to you about that karphil). But the needles don't hurt at all.

        I haven't had trouble falling pregnant previously - more the trouble with little bubbas sticking - but i still reckon that looking after myself with the herbs and the acupuncture helped to .....clear the pathway for the pregnancy to happen.

        I am going back this week to see my CM gal - she is just wonderful and makes me feel very nurtured and cared for. I reckon even just knowing you are doing that and looking after yourself and your mind/body/spirit is a great thing

        Whatever approach you take be kind to yourself and don't forget to stop and smell the

        sue xx


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          I think it definately contributes - there are so many things out there that effect us that we don't take much notice of. I have been trying for a successful pregnancy for almost 2 1/2 years now . I am feeling so out of control atm that I need to do something. So I am taking the bull by the horns on Monday! I am:

          1. Booking an earlier appointment with my ob for a referral to the recurrent miscarriage service, and asking for some clomid.

          2. I am currently seeing a naturopath/ irridologist who has me on herbs etc.

          3. Going to make an appointment with the accupuncturist.

          4. Going to make an appointment with the chiropractor.

          If I can't fall pregnant with all that stuff going on, then I may as well give up, but damn it, I AM NOT GIVING UP WITHOUT A FIGHT!


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            atta girl kadwil - it makes you feel better to take some control i reckon - otherwise you feel "at the mercy" of whatever comes your way. wishing you all the luck in the world for a bubba real soon

            saw my chinese medicine gal today - massage, acupuncture, herbs and conversation and dietary advice - all very good and nurturing.

            i feel quite a bit more relaxed tonight