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worried about SPD in pregnancy no 2

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  • worried about SPD in pregnancy no 2

    I had a bad time with undiagnosed SPD with my firstborn, my medical practitioners essentially ignored my condition until birth when it caused potentially life threatening complications. Due to circumstances, I will be delivering bub no 2 in this same hospital. Because of the severity of my case, my weight and the fact that most SPD sufferers tend to develop it again in subsequent pregnancies, I'm expecting to get it again.
    What advice or tips can you suggest to help manage SPD proactively? If I'm ignored like I was last time I want to have avenues to pursue independently. Any advice?

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    Mine wasn't nearly as bad as yours but I did see a physio and she gave me some great exercises to do that gave me some relief. I can't remember all of them now (4 years ago!) but one was the cat/cow yoga move (Google if you don't know it). I also wore a support belt (the SRC pregnancy shorts are excellent- they're expensive but worth it) and tried to keep my legs together as much as possible. Another fantastic thing for me was swimming- arms only, don't kick your legs. I tried to go at least twice a week.
    And another trick that the physio gave me for some relief was an ice pack in your undies. She suggested filling condoms with water and freezing them, then wrap in a washcloth and stick it in your undies against your pubic bone. It worked really well, but it was a bit hilarious buying condoms whilst heavily pregnant


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      As pp has mentioned above - ice pack in the groin area! DH laughed at me every evening with ice in my crotch but it really worked.
      I saw a chiropractor fortnightly - she gave me exercises to do & kept everything in alignment. She said support belt can help in the later stages but luckily mine was kept under control with the ice, exercises & chiro treatment. Sounds much the same as [MENTION=57149]FearlessLeader[/MENTION] has described.
      I wasn't pain free, but I could keep working and get some sleep.
      I'm 12 weeks with my second and dreading the pain again, but starting chiro much earlier this time round so hopefully will keep it under control.