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Should I be worried? (Strep B exposure / Pregnancy.)

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  • Should I be worried? (Strep B exposure / Pregnancy.)

    My DS has FINALLY been dx with a severe strep B infection on his bum. (Sorry for the TMI it's a bit yuckl!) I say FINALLY as we have battled this awful rash for months and every time we took him to the dr we were fobbed off and told it was nappy rash (he's 4 so not in nappies!), fungal infection or worms. Obviously we have treated for all of the above and nothing worked- finally a dr did a swab and it's come back as perianal strep B infection which is apparently fairly common and treatable with antibiotics.

    I am nearly 30 weeks pregnant and worried as I have obviously been heavily exposed to it so likely have it as well. As most of you know this is a super high risk pregnancy we have already had a lot of problems and it is a planned c-section but having googled I know Step B is still a risk even with a ceaserean and if my waters break prior for some reason than infection could set in before they get bub out. (I know I'm probably over-worrying but really, everything that could go wrong in ths pregnancy has gone wrong!!!)

    I don't know whether to ring the hospital and get a swab test done, if there is any point if they won't treat until the birth? I am really worried though. Thoughts????? Am I over-reacting??

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    Firstly, congrats on getting a definitive diagnosis for your DS - poor little mite!! Hopefully you can get him some relief now

    Secondly - try not to freak out too much. Strep B is a naturally occurring bacteria in most people - it's not some freaky thing you can catch The only time it's a problem (like with any naturally occurring bacteria - such as candida - thrush) is when the numbers/balance get out of hand and then it is easily treated.

    I am due to have my Strep B swab on Monday (I'll be 37wks) and even if I return a positive swab, I will be refusing any 'treatment' because there is no proof that antibiotics actually help, and it is not good to flood a newborn's gut with a whole heap of bacteria it does not need! There are lots of other natural remedies and treatments that can be tried prior to birth to reduce colonisation of the birth canal - hence why we have agreed to have the swab, but will refuse any 'medical' intervention to treat it.

    Have a read of THIS link, it may help put your mind at ease
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      I can't thank you enough for your reply EM!! I read through all of that link and it was really informative- are those treatemnts all ok for pregnancy? (I know that's a really dumb question as it was a pregnancy related link!) It's just I have read previously that propolis wasn't safe in pregnancy. Is it really ok to use the tea tree oil treatment inside the vagina? If so, FABULOUS!! I am all for alternative treatments!!!!!


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        To the best of MY knowledge, yes ti-tree oil is safe for internal midwife also suggested it....but of course, do your own research and check with a naturopath first, don't just take my word for it!

        So glad you're feeling better about things....


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          I've PM'd you another link