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No sex for First Trimester?!?!?

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  • No sex for First Trimester?!?!?

    Oh no

    I went to my dr last night about a spot of blood which I had after sex on the weekend and he said that it wasn't anything to worry about (Whew, wipe that sweat off my forehead!) But then, he went on to say that for the first trimester you should abstain from intercourse. What! No sex!!! I thought that our sex-life would and should stay the same?

    Has anyone else's dr's given this advice? Does it make sense?


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    I know how you feel!

    My doctor advised against it, but he said that if you're going to, just be very gentle. Take it easy (if you know what I mean! LOL!).
    To be honest I was so sick in my first trimester that I didnt feel like sex. We didnt have it very much. I spent 14 weeks in the bathroom. (charming.... not exactly sexy!).
    But we made up for it at the end... the few weeks before I had my daughter I suddenly got extreemly in the mood for it! It was quite difficult (being so big!), but there were no complaints from my hubby!


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      hi Ally84,

      Sex in pregnancy is wonderfull. Well for us anyway lol. And many advices weve got wether from the professional or our friends said that you can continue to have sex into pregnancy, right up until birth, as long you and your hubby/partner are comfortable. Mind you there are a few reasons why you shouldn't have sex during certain periods during pregnancy eg bleeding , preterm labor, etc.

      Just that the1st trimester is the most crucial time for the pregnancy, so take it easy is wise

      good luck and enjoy the pregnancy! its most wonderfull experience- afterall you are creating a history in your humankind!


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        I suppose like others have said it's a matter of taking it easy and go for "gentler" options. Could always tell hub that sex is out but you can both make up for it with extra foreplay!

        Most women have a pretty high sex drive in the 2nd trimester so you'll more than likely make up for any temporary abstinence now.


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          Ive gone off sex an to a point im just over it , But mind u my dreams are another thing lol
          dp is goin mental no sex but i think he is understandin im scared of miscariging, after the first trimester is over ill think about it lol


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            YEAH im not the only one!

            I so know what you mean, i was all for it before i fell pregnant and now i dont want a bar of it! My other half said 'oh is diffrent when we were trying for a baby and now you dont want me'! Its not so much like that, im scared of miscarriage and i just dont feel like it, i read a book to say this is completely normal, and our sex- drives should come back around 15 weeks! So i guess there just going to have to wait, i told mine that once ever 2 weeks is the most and hes lucky to get that!


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              I actually thought that it was only in high risk pregnancies (or where there has been a concern where your OB will specifically tell you to abstain) that you should abstain from sex in your first trimester.

              In a normal pregnancy, sex is fine until you are about to deliver right at the end of your third trimester when sex can bring it on if your cervix is ripe and due to the protaglandins in sperm. Although a couple may choose to abstain from sex in the first trimester because of the way the woman is feeling due to morning sickness and fatigue etc. But apart from that sex is fine.

              Very interesting.

              Anyone got any clarification on this?

              EDIT: Thought so:

              Can I have sex while I'm pregnant?
              Absolutely. With a normal pregnancy, you can keep doing it right up until your waters break. Do check with your doctor or midwife first if you're having any problems with your pregnancy, such as placenta praevia or bleeding or if you have a history of miscarriages.


              If you OB does tell you to abstain for various reasons where there is a risk factor or you have had a concern (like your bleed) than it is best to do so and I would definetly take their advice. But typically you do not have to.
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