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swollen feet and compression stockings???

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  • swollen feet and compression stockings???

    hi all

    i was wondering if anyone had or is using compression stockings for swollen ankles and feet??? if so, which brand and are they comfortable? my feet seem to getting worse and i think im going to have to get some...also anyone used a leg pillow / lift etc? did these help? these things are expensive so dont want to fork out $$$ if no good...thanks

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    swollen feet and compression stockings???

    hi all

    i know this is a common pg problem, but im only 18.5 weeks pg and my feet / ankle swelling seem to getting worse by the day ( i know i would be prone to this as had problems even b4 pg) , they have been swollen every day this week and are horrendous today already even after 9 hours good sleep!!

    i was wondering if anyone had or is using compression stockings for swollen ankles and feet??? if so, which brand and are they comfortable ( i always were long pants so not sure how a stocking under this will go?) ...also anyone used a leg pillow / lift etc? did these help with the swelling? these things are expensive so dont want to fork out $$$ if no good...thanks


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      jfblady I found that a combination of keeping my feet up and exercise worked. I keep my feet up whenever I can, and have started going walking (slowly) and it seemed to be the combination that did the trick. i also keep my feet up on a cushion at night in bed, just grabbed one off the couch, so you shouldn't have to buy anything special...


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        I wear compression stockings. Not every day, just when the fluid gets out of control . I actually wear them overnight rather than through the day as I find them a bit hot otherwise. They aren't uncomfortable, actually my legs feel lovely and syupported when I have them on. You have actually inspired me and I'm going to wear them tonight!

        I have the original "T.E.D" stockings, which are distributed by a company called "Tyco", also known as "Covidien." I don't kow how much they cost as I'm a nurse and I just pinch them from the hospital. I don't supose they are too expensive though - hospitals usually take the cheaper option. Do you know anyone that works in a hosp who might be able to grab you some?

        They don't last forever either... I have multiple packs of them in my cupboard and when they start looking ratty and I can't get the dirty marks out in the washing machine I just toss them.

        I'm pretty sure you can buy TEDS from the pharmacy also.

        NB Just get the knee-length, full leg is awful!

        Good luck, hope they help.


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          I found only elevating them really helped - they'd go down overnight but by the end of the following day would be balloons again. And painful.

          Be careful with exercising as sometimes it can make the problem worse. Drink lots of water (I mean heaps - it seems crazy but it does help pass the fluid) and get DH to give you a firm massage to disperse the fluid.

          Sadly I found it didn't go down until about 6 weeks after I'd given birth - but it didn't hurt anymore.

          Aah pregnancy - gotta love it!



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            thanks girls

            my ob suggested the stockings BUT he said they have to be the thigh high ones ...that cannot possibly be comfortable surely. and espcially if u dont have thin, toned & muscly thighs.....sonja i had the same problem as it goes away overnight but is just as bad by the early arvo next day as opposed to non-pg feet swelling that tends to stay down once it goes down...i will try to drink more water, i have noted this week i forget to drink as much and its been heaps worse. thanks.


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              Thigh high compression socks in this heat ....!


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                I was the same - early morning it was fine but evening was awful. I googled it and exercise was suggested so I went for a long slow walk in the morning and haven't had swollen feet since! didn't make any sense to me but might be worth a try!


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                  Hi all

                  My poor wifey is also suffering from a pins & needles sensation in her lower legs and feet. I've found elevating her legs and gentle massage for around 15-20 minutes has fantastic results for the poor girl. It comes and goes. Some days she doesn't have a problem, others she needs massaging several times a day.

                  Drinking plenty of cool water, maintaining a little easy exercise ie walking, greatly helps alleviate some of the problem. Also, sleeping with one of those tri-pillows behind the knees has done wonders too. However, this only works whilst she's on her back and she isn't much of a back sleeper so it has limited success. But it all helps a tad.

                  Love & Peace



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                    JFB - decreasing salt in your diet can also help with fluid retention.

                    Exercise probably works because it increases blood flow and stops blood pooling in your feet. This is the principle of stockings, which encourage blood to return to your heart. If you have a friend who works in a hospital I would suggest seeing if they could get you a pair of stockings if you go down that road as they can be a bit expensive.


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                      I wore TED stockings...yep the thigh ones. It was hilarious as they have a strap that's meant ot go around your waist but I used to have to put it at the top of my Bump ie under my boobs VERY attractive

                      I was still working and I found it made me feel more comfortable at work but by the end of the day espescially if I had been sitting lots my feet were still balloons.

                      They are quite expensive. I was lucky as I went through a Birth Centre i a public hospital and one of the Middies just gave them to me.

                      If you are still working then I would consider getting them for comfort.. If not then the best thing is keeping your feet up with short bursts of walking or swimming.


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                        hi all

                        thanks for the tips, i know i checked the prices of the stockings ...dont want to buy then then not wear them, gee i just cant imagine wearing those thigh high ones, im not a skirt wearer so under long pants OMG sounds dreadful..yep i work full time and i sit a lot but can also move around a fair bit too and i noted def if i sit a lot it is a lot worse....thanks again!


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                          I don't suffer from the swollen ankles and feet but I am suffering varicose veins, so I have to wear the stockings for that. I just went into a chemist and told them my problem (the doc advised to get the stockings), they were very helpful and explained that there are actually different types of compression stockings for different problems. So it is good to make sure the compression you have is appropriate. You can get knee high for full length (I have one pair of each) and you can get toeless or full toe. The toeless ones for some reason are a lot thicker and I think would be very hot to wear during summer (especially since you need to cover it up with long pants or dress). I got the full toe ones and just cut along the seam at the toe and fold them back so I can still wear thongs, it actually works really well - they haven't freyed or anything.

                          I wear them all day and take them off at night to sleep. The doc told me to put them on just before I get out of bed before the extra blood runs into my legs (once again, my problem is different to yours).

                          Sorry about the but I hope it helps!


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                            Leg swelling

                            My sister was pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful daughter -- Kathleen, my first niece!

                            During the time that she was pregnant, her main concern was also about her leg swelling and the development of varicose veins. She vowed to do everything not to get to that point. She just wanted to keep her legs healthy and beautiful even if she is already a mother of 6!

                            My sister and I did a little research about compression therapy and many doctors recommend wearing compression stockings to prevent the development of circulatory problems associated with being pregnant. Doctors say, because of the release of certain hormones during the first trimester of pregnancy, pregnant women are more prone to develop these problems (spider veins, varicose veins, leg swelling, thrombosis)

                            She consulted her doctor and told her of her concerns and the doctor did prescribed compression stockings. It is the best preventive measure, according the doctor.

                            We shopped around looking for a compression stocking -- and I did not know there are so many out there! -- We bought her maternity compression stockings from just because they have the friendliest, most accommodating online assistant -- their price is the by the lowest in the market. My sister bought a pair of Jobst Maternity pantyhose and she is loving it! -- According to my sister, it doesn't feel medical! It even feels better than her regular stockings, plus the added therapeutic benefit. She wears it everyday and takes it off at night. I guess that's how comfortable it feels!

                            Hope this helps!

                            Good Luck!


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                              Hi! I wore compression stockings and they really helped! I also did acupuncture and that got my feet down instantly, from not being able to fit in any of my shoes to almost back to normal.