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During Pregnancy - Has any experienced LOW fetal heart rate?

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  • During Pregnancy - Has any experienced LOW fetal heart rate?

    Hi everyone.

    I am approx 7 weeks pregnant. I thought I was eight weeks pregnant, but I was two days out and my cycle isn't a normal 28 days, It ranges from 29-32 days

    I had an ultrasound yesterday and they had trouble finding a heart beat, so they decided to do an internal ultrasound, then after a bit of fidderling down there they finally found the heart beat.

    My OB said they heart wasn't beating as quickly as he would have liked. I wasn't giving any details. Except that I had a 30% chance of NOT M/C'ing.

    They have asked me to come back in on Tuesday (4days) to see if the baby has grown in the last four days and see if the heart rate has increased.

    I am remaining positive but would like to know if anyone else has had a similar experience.

    Thanks heaps

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    sending you . I'm sure everthing will be ok, at 7 weeks the baby is tiny, I know it is quite common to do internal ultrasounds before about 8 weeks as it gives a much more accurate result. Fingers XXX for you.


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      Is there anyone else, who's baby had had a low heart rate?

      ANYONE please????


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        Keeping everything crossed for you Gracie.

        Hoping everything is fine when you go back for another scan ...and it was just a shy bubby not wanting to show his heart beat ......


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          if your dates are out, then even a day can make a huge difference in regards heartbeat,... try to stay positive until Tuesday,......