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  • swiss preg vits

    Just wondering who has taken these ? i take these an extra folate an since been on them ive pretty much had the all day sickness , its not as bad last few days an stoping the vits.

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    Ive taken them. I dont get sick or anything from them. Im not sure you should be taking extra folate vitamins as the swisse ones already have 500mcg in them Im pretty sure. I would double check with your Dr just in case.


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      I've been on Swiss and didn't get sick. I agree about looking to stop the extra folate. I changed to Blackmores cause they were comparable to Swiss in terms of ingredients but much cheaper.


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        I take them but noticed recently I have been feeling queasy after. I have been thinking about changing when this current bottle is finished

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          I take the Swiss tablet just before bed at night, combats the sickness I find. I wouldn't stop the vitamins or extra folate if you have been told to take it. I take what I guess is 11 times the amount in a single folate pill. 5000mg plus whatever is in swisse. Some people require it. Good luck, I havnt found the yucky vitamin feeling to be different in different brands.

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