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elevit or blackmores pregnancy gold tablets

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  • elevit or blackmores pregnancy gold tablets

    Hi ladies,
    I am wondering if anyone knows what the difference is between the elevit and the blackmore pregnancy and breastfeeding gold is?
    my doctor keeps telling me only elevit, even though I started the blackmores 2 weeks ago?

    any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    You have to take to two Blackmores as opposed to one elevit. Elevit has more iron and I think more folic acid. I'm currently taking the Blackmores as I found the elevit made me a bit constipated. I also split my dose (ie one in morning, one at night) as it made me a bit nauseous. Probably not the right way to do it, but works for me 😄


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      I was taking elevit before I got pregnant but it made me quite constipated. A friend told me her doctor recommended Blackmores gold when she got pregnant so now that I’m pregnant I’ve swapped to Blackmores too. It agrees with me better and is also cheaper than elevit. I was trying to take 1 morning and 1 at night but I kept forgetting the morning one. Someone said you can take both and once so now I take 2 after dinner. Doesn’t make me nauseous luckily.