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  • Folice Acid Question

    Hi all, Just a question about Folic Acid quantities. I'm not pregnant due to a recent missed miscarriage and we do want to consider trying again.

    Reading the label on Blackmores Pregnancy capsules about folic acid maximum amounts and it says not to exceed the stated dose (500ug). I also like to have a berocca a day and it has 400ug folic acid in it.

    What harm is there in having the 2 sources of folic acid? Plus don't 'they' also recommend folate rich foods to be eaten and there are other sources of added folic acid too, isn't there? Does anyone have a better understanding of this than me?


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    Dr Waz had me on 5mg per day so this should be fine.


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      I'm on 5mg of folic acid as well due to the miscarriages. The warning is because it can trigger vitamin b12 deficiency so make sure you are eating meat/milk or taking a good multi as well.


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        While I was pregnant with both of my kids I was on 5mg. Reason being my sister was born with spina bifida. Never had a problem and was never told that taking too much could be harmful. I don't think what your doing would be


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          All my pregnancy including this one i have been told to take 5mg a day