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Low fetal heart rate? HELP!

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  • Low fetal heart rate? HELP!

    Hi everyone, I'm new to BH!

    I would love it if I could get some feedback.

    I am currently 5 weeks 6 days pregnant (first pregnancy) and on Monday (3/2/14) I found light pink on tp. Needless to say I was freaking out, even though it was only 2 wipes worth and only light.

    By Monday afternoon, I had a very small amount of light brown discharge.

    I saw my doc on Tuesday and he sent me to get an ultrasound as I was pretty upset (even though by then the brown discharge was pretty much gone).

    The ultrasound measured me at 5 weeks 5 days which was pretty spot on. Crown-Rump length was 2.1mm and I saw a heart flickering but it measured at 85bpm.

    I saw the doctor today and he said he was a bit concerned about the heart rate. I got a blood test to check my levels and will be seeing him again on Friday to get the results.

    Has anyone had a situation similar to this? Advice?

    I'm stressing out

    Thank you in advance xo

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    I think it is irresponsible of them to check for a HB that early. I wouldn't worry, most times you cannot detect HB before 8 weeks.


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      That's what I thought. I was very surprised to see the little bean flickering away that early!

      Thanks for replying MummaOJ


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        I have no experience with the heart rate that early. I just wanted to let you know I had light bleeding with both my pregnancies around 7/8 weeks and things have turned out well. So hang in there xxx


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          A heart rate that early would be hard to be accurate I would've thought. Quite often they can't get a good heart rate until after 8 weeks. But I'm no expert. I hope all is okay. Did your dr offer another ultrasound maybe in a couple of weeks for you? That might help settle your nerves.

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            When I went for my dating scan I thought i was 8w, the HR in u/s was in the 70's and they told me it was too low for an 8w fetus and I could expect to lose it.....
            I went back a week later and bubs HR was 166bpm.
            Essentially I was a week less than I thought I was by LMP (the intial HR would have been fine for a 7weeker but not an 8weeker).
            In weeks 10 and 11 I bled for 5 days, not enough to fill a pad but enough to fill a panty liner.
            That pregnancy went to full term and my gorgeous little chubchub is feeding as we speak (well actually she has just fallen asleep on the job).
            ImageUploadedByThe Bub Hub1391596939.383780.jpg
            I know how terrible you feel, the weeks wait for me to go back for ultrasound was the worst week of my life but quite often they get it wrong!
            Just you wait and see, next week the HR will be galloping a long at a cracking pace!


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              The ultrasound technician recommended I come back in a week to check "viability". That sounds awful to me.

              Hopefully my levels will be good - I find out on Friday

              Thanks VicPark and Tamtam xo


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                BubblesK what a gorgeous photo! Yes, I too had bleeding in pregnancy with a great outcome. Your bleeding sounds minor so try not stress.


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                  Your little chubchub is absolutely gorgeous! Ah, my heart!

                  What a great outcome, thank you for sharing it with me.

                  I'm starting to feel a lot better now


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                    I was told that hb comes in around beginning of week 5 and goes up by 10bpm every day until about beginning of week 7. It sounds really good to me.


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                      Originally posted by happypeanut View Post
                      The ultrasound technician recommended I come back in a week to check "viability". That sounds awful to me.

                      Hopefully my levels will be good - I find out on Friday

                      Thanks VicPark and Tamtam xo
                      It's an awful term isn't it? When I went to the GP when is just got my bfp, he said 'we'll send you for a scan to see if it's viable' awful!
                      Fx happypeanut your week flies by and next week you see your happy little peanut on ultrasound.


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                        Many don't even have a heart beat then! I was also a bleeder, and I mean gushing like I had wet myself. Still got a perfect DD. I would change doctors.


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                          Viability scans are done for IVF pregnancies at 7 weeks.. Hb will be low before then. I've booked mine bang on 7 weeks and the receptionist was insistent it not be any earlier..


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                            I had a scan done with this pregnancy at the same time as you, 5 weeks & 5 days to check that a pregnancy was progressing as I had miscarried 3 times in a row prior.
                            A Yolk sac, and fetal pole were visible but no HB. I had a repeat scan done 3 days later- Gest sac,Yolk an fetal pole had grown but still no HB. My OB assured me that this was perfectly normal. So, I think that its a really positive sign that you have HB already even though it may seem low.
                            I chose not to go back for further ultrasounds as it was all too stressful but I am currently 22+2 weeks and the baby is healthy.


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                              Thanks for sharing your story and great to hear that you've got a healthy bub on board Bastian

                              My intuition is telling me that everything is fine. I thought I was lucky to even see a HB. I have been researching female doctors who have an interest in Women's Health as I feel my doctor is not quite right for me anymore.

                              And I'm not going to that ultrasound place again!

                              AND my areolas have gone all puffy/hard and weird. Kinda protruding too

                              I find out my beta results tomorrow morning