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How much weight have you gained?

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  • How much weight have you gained?

    Hey guys, I know that everyone is different but I was wondering how much weight you have, or did gain when preggers?

    I'm 20 weeks pregnant and have only gained just over 2kg. I have been quite worried, but the doctor said that its fine and I'll probably gain quite a bit over the next 4 months.

    I have quite a big belly! Certainly plently of growth there, and up top! So I must have lost weight from somewhere....where though I cant see!!!

    Is it from 20 weeks onwards that baby gains about 500g per week?

    How much did you gain?

    How did you feel?

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    I'd be interested in hearing what others have gained too! as i have put on a shocking 25kg's with this pregnancy
    i feel like crap!!

    i am having a big bub (well she weighed 8lb 10 so far at my last ultrasound)

    i was around 57kgs when TTC and im now bout 82kg's.... im not really liking my new pregnant body, but i also know it probably wont be much of a problem to get back to my old size once bub is born (i hope haha)

    im so excited about my little girl coming that i dont really care too much bout it.. as i'll deal with it later!


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      With DS I gained a good 25kg but it was mainly in the last 15 weeks that I stacked it on.
      This time around I'm 17weeks and I have lost a kilo. Definately have the belly too but must have lost somewhere??
      This will sound really strange, but in late pregnancy last time I didn't eat THAT much more and I still exercised but stacked the weight on. Does your metabolism change later on because you need fat stores for bf etc. Probably a weird question but just curious??
      P.S Danni, don't feel like crap, it's all for a good cause LOL


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        Until I was 5months pregnant I didn't put on anyweight! In the last 4months I put on 25kg! (Which Ive know lost again!) It was horrifying but no ones fault but my own for eating bad!!
        Its nothing to worry about and hopefully u'll but one of the lucky ones who loses their belly post baby!!!


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          I am 22 weeks and hit the 4 kilo gain this week, but it really goes up and down so it's hard to tell. So I stick to doing what a DR told me years ago.

          Weigh yourself once a week on the same day at the same time, for growth etc measure yourself!

          I wouldn't worry as long as you're not eating excessively or starving yourself to try and not gain, your fine, we are all different it has so much to do with your height, eating habits, excercise, and so the list goes on.

          I have a big bump now my *** bump is the one I worry about though


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            Originally posted by Devon_mouse
            I have a big bump now my *** bump is the one I worry about though
            DM, at the end of it all, if you front bump is bigger than your back your doing well.


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              Hi there
              I only gained 8kgs when pregnant,which I was pleased about,because I was already overweight when I fell.I heard if you are overweight/or a big person to start with you don't gain us much? Not sure if this is true though.


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                I have gained about 10 or so kg... Bit sad about that coz i lost 16kg b4 i fell preggers!! Oh well back to the gym after wards i guess

                Mind you i have been quite naughty with my diet I just love chocolate too much ..........


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                  Thanks guys! I'm hoping not to gain to much, but I'm certainly not dieting. It takes me ages to loose weight and tone up, but if that is what happens then its worth it in the end. I started out at 66kg and I'm now 68.3kg.

                  For the first 16 weeks I felt so tiered and nauseous that I either didnt have the energy to make more than toast, or toast was all i felt like. I tended to eat about 8 tiny meals a day sooner than my normal 3 big ones. So maybe thats given my metabolism a boost or something?

                  I havent been exercising much either, but trying to take up swiming again and walking at lunch. Weather has been rotten, it seems to rain every lunch, but I want to do it for Tiny.

                  After birth how did you guys go at getting back into shape?


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                    Hi Kat,

                    I only gained 10kg all up and 7 of that was in the last 6-8 weeks from memory. I lost 3kg in the first 4 months and then only put on very very slowly. I didn't get very big during pregnancy. I certainly didn't starve myself but I changed my eating habits as soon as I got a positive pregnancy test so I guess my body just used all the good stuff I was eating to grow my little baby. The good thing was that after he was born I was lighter than I have been for 5 years. How often does that happen? I was also quite active while pregnant. Did aqua areobics once a week and studied so had to walk around campus a lot and around hospitals.

                    After birth I just continued eating well and have done a wee bit of walking and Ive lost a further 8kg.


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                      I gained 20kg while preggers

                      (I'm 174cm tall, started off 43 kg, the morning of the c/section I was 63.5kg)

                      3 weeks after birth I was 56kg, and now I'm 52kg. Trying to keep the weight on as my ideal healthy weight is 54kg, its hard for me to keep weight on.

                      Its a bummer none of my pre-preg pants fit anymore, mainly because my hips are wider after carrying the baby but I certainly feel better, I love my new curves, so does my hubby! And I get more attention from guys when I go out then ever before, until they see the baby carrier!

                      I hated having no **** and looking skinny as a rake, now I feel like a woman, and guys seem to be noticing me more, which makes hubby very proud
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                        Hi Kat,

                        I am nearly 19 weeks and have put on about 4.5kg.. so I hope I don't blow up in the last 4 months. I feel like it's been pretty steady until now. My belly has really popped out in the last 2 days and everyone says I look good (not fat), but I know my thighs are bigger than they were. I was 65kg when I started (173cm) so not skinny but thin I guess.

                        I have been walking but want to get into some swimming and yoga now too. Hey Devonmouse, how was the yoga?



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                          I'm 157cm and was 66kg. so at the very top end of the healthy weight range scale. The smallest I was able to get to while dieting was 63 though...I'm VERY curvy...if I lived 100 years ago I would have the perfect figure. Hehe

                          I'm hoping that after baby my boobs shrink a lot...was considering getting a reduction but have been told that sometimes breastfeeding can change your shape. We will see!

                          Cosmic, sounds liike you are gaining at the right pace! According to the baby sites about 5kg by now is correct!


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                            I gained about 8-10kg, but was already a bit overweight. My diet changed for the better when I was pregnant so I guess all the other 'bad' food I cut out helped my figure. I also weighed the least I ever had after the birth. Felt great!! Unfortunately I took this as a license to eat and ended up bigger than I ever have been! Losing it again now though and getting back to where I want to be.


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                              I weighed 48kg when I fell pregnant but by the end of the pregnancy I weighed 67kg. So 19kgs is what I put on. Know I am 53kg not sure if I want to lose anymore weight though, I just need to do a little toning.