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confronted rude mil tonight!!

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  • confronted rude mil tonight!!

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    At least you're not just letting her railroad you, and you're telling her to back off... Maybe she'll figure it out.


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      Good on you for standing up to her!

      I've let so much **** from my MIL slide just to try and keep the peace, sometimes I just want to tell her to p*** off! Both she and SIL are really nasty and only nice to me since I've been pregnant... Too little too late I reckon!


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        good on you for standing up to her... thats too rude!! (then again my MIL told my DH when he was going away for 12 weeks she thought I was a bad mother and couldnt take care of them properly... we promptly move ASAP-9 weeks, to be with DH I wasnt putting up with that!)


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          Good on you for standing up for your self

          I am lucky enough that i dont have to speak to mine


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            Well done for standing up to her. MIL's who needs them.


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              MIL'S suck.


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                What a horrible thing to say, some women feel very threatened when another woman comes onto the scene and is with their son and has a baby to them. I guess they feel like their kids don't need them anymore and that they will come second now rather than first. MIL's are a pain in the bum!


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                  GOOD ON YOU for taking a stand and letting her know that you are not going to take her cr@p! I hope everything works out well in the future!


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                    yeah like everyone else said good on you for taking a stand


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                      Good on you for standing up to her!
                      Have you told her that you aren't just with her son for a baby, that you love him?
                      Not that it is any of business anyway and especially if she is going to be downright rude to you.
                      Hope it was a one off and she realises she was wrong.


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                        Anyway, you did good, congrats.



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                          You Go Girl Tell Her What For...some Mothers Just Cant Keep Their Nose In Their Own Lives...

                          Dont Stress You Will Have A Pretty Baby Soon Then Lets See If She Comes Knocking. You Dont Need Her Comments Such As That At The Moment If She Cared About You Or Her Son Or More So The Baby Then She Would Just Keep Her Opinions To Herself.

                          Mil Gosh What Would Life Be Like Without Them Hehe


                          Chill Baby
                          Chill For Your Baby