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  • Iron infusions

    Much to my surprise, GF came home yesterday and told me she had an iron infusion!

    She hadn't spoken to me about it (not that she needs permission, just to keep me in the loop) how safe is doing this during pregnancy? It seems to have come right out of the blue, it's the first one she's ever had.
    She's at just over 6 months now, everything else has gone smoothly so far last week she mentioned she was feeling more tired than usual.

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    No doctor would administer iron if it wasn't safe or in mum and baby's best interests. IV iron is very safe in the second and third trimesters. Part of it is to keep them healthy during pregnancy and to prevent anaemia after birth due to the likelihood of blood loss.


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      Yep, has to be prescribed and then given by a nurse. So it's only done when medically safe and necessary.

      I had one when not pregnant and felt even more tired for the 24 hours after, then better. Some people feel more energetic right away.

      If she wants advice on a high dosage supplement that is better on the tummy/less likely to cause constipation, I can recommend Maltofer.


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        Super safe and common in pregnancy. I had one during my last pregnancy.


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          I had one 3 weeks ago at 32 weeks pregnant. Very safe and common. I don't tolerate oral iron well (even Maltofer).


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            Very safe.
            Perhaps she felt like she was ‘failing’ in her pregnancy as things so far had gone smoothly. I know I had one thing after the other with my first pregnancy, I felt like my body just wasn’t meant to be pregnant


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              Thanks for the feed back!