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Alcohol and caffeine?

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  • Alcohol and caffeine?

    Hi all,

    First time poster and first time dad as well.

    My wife took the pregnancy test kit on 26 August which returned a positive result. We went to see the doctor the very next day as we were very excited. The doctor gave us a referral for an ultrasound to be taken in two weeks, which we had today.

    The ultrasound revealed that my wife is 10 weeks pregnant, which means that on 26 August she was 8 weeks pregnant. However I am 100% sure within those 8 weeks, she had at alcohol (two beers) at least one night and maybe more. I am also sure she had coffee and coca cola everyday as well.

    Of course she stopped since 26 August, but I am now extremely concerned about the possible effects this may have on our baby.

    Can anyone here please provide any advice and/or experience? Are there any tests that can detect whether our baby will be affected by the alcohol/caffeine?

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    Hi, congratulations!!

    Hopefully I can put your mind at ease a bit.

    Early on in pregnancy (prior to about 9 weeks) the baby is gaining most of its nutrition from the sack, as the placenta and umbilical cord haven't fully developed yet. The placenta and umbilical cord are what will nourish your baby while it grows, and that's how it will get everything from mum. The placenta takes over towards the end of the first trimester at around the 9 or 10 week mark, so it's not likely that bub would be affected by the odd drink mum had before she knew she was pregnant.

    I hope she doesn't feel bad, she wasn't to know! But "mum guilt" starts early. Please try to reassure her that at this stage bub should be fine.

    As for caffeine, mum can have small amounts safely which had been proven by the medication field. There's exact amounts what are ok, I think it's like 2 coffees a day from memory.


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      Thank you for educating me, it really does put my mind at ease!


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        in fact, I understand that I have very big problems with addiction and I absolutely do not know what to do with it..