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Private Patient in Public Hospital Brisbane with Bupa

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  • Private Patient in Public Hospital Brisbane with Bupa

    Has anyone done this? I had an emergency csection first time round and have decided that I'll go csection again. I love the idea of private hospital but am happy to go without the millions of expensive ob appointments in favor of shared GP/midwife care. Is this an option? My hospital options would be Ipswich or Mater? I've got full cover with BUPA. Love to hear any experiences. Thanks.

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    You'll only be accepted as a private patient at mater with an obstetrician.

    If you're looking at midwife care you'll have to go public, so look at the midwifery group practice. You get your own midwife (and meet the others in the same group) who looks after you for all your antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal care. They do home visits for up to 6 weeks after bubs is born.

    Publicly you can also do GP shared care where you see your GP for majority of your pregnancy and just come up to the hospital for a handful of appts. Your postnatal care will be on the public ward and followed up by homecare midwives once your home.


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      Have you done both public and private Meredith? I'm just concerned I'll feel really disappointed in a public hospital after the amazing experience I had privately first time round.
      I just think it's crap that you pay all this money for phi but then end up so out of pocket for the ob visits, that they schedule so frequently then tell you nothing at.


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        Originally posted by meredithgrey
        Just go public.

        Going as a private patient won't guarantee you a private room or any sort of different care.

        Check to see what hospital you're in the catchment for, either hospital is good.
        Mater you will have a private room if you go private. You may have either a private room or shared room (with one other woman) if you go public.

        Ipswich there are no guarantees. Ipswich have a MGP as well so you can still have solely midwifery care.

        ETA: the care at mater will only vary slightly. The turnover is much higher with public patients and can often seem rushed. In saying that, many of the midwives who work on the public ward work on the private wards too. Their knowledge is the same, it's just their time frame is shorter. Publicly you'll be followed up with home visits automatically (if you're within catchment). Privately you can go home early and be followed up with home visits, but only if you go home early.
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          I'm going in as a private patient in a public hospital - not the same hospital as you though. I am not guaranteed a private room because my cover is for a shared room in a public hospital - whether or not you get a private room will depend on your cover and the hospital's availability. My hospital said they will try and get private patients a private room but of course - they only can if they have one available!
          I went private because of my risk factors I was going to have to be under an Ob's care anyway. So I have gone private so I can choose my own Ob.
          Next time I would just go public and have shared care midwives and Ob. I'm ok with my Ob but getting any info seems to be like pulling teeth. I have 5 minute appointments that I pay for and I don't know that i'm getting anything different than if I went public. In fact, there's stacks of things I haven't been told about in terms of sleep schools if we need them, breast feeding classes, and so on it goes.


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            If you're under public midwife care you will have either a private room OR a room shared with one other woman. They tend to keep the private rooms for women who have a c/s or who have prem babies in the nursery (although sometimes this doesn't happen).


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              First time mum that sounds like there's really not much benefit in going private in a public if I still have to pay for an ob? I was hoping to just see my GP then turn up at the hospital on the day for an ob to do the cesarean then relax in a private room 😜
              I'll prob just end up going private again and try and leave it as late as possible to book an ob.


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                If I went public I'd have to to ipswich which is 4 share to a room.


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                  [MENTION=97291]greenfairy[/MENTION] you're right about that! no benefit - except choosing my own Ob which i'll be about $1500 out of pocket for after medicare contributes and my private health fund contributes their little bit.
                  Be really sure what your health fund covers. Mine only covers limited Obstetrics.
                  I'm lucky though if I need a caesar or epidural. My health fund doesn't cover those, but the hospital has those people on staff so only charge the scheduled rate which apparently medicare will cover. I don't really understand it at all!


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                    That's true. I was petrified of the Ob I originally saw by going public and was told I couldn't change. That's part of the reason I went private - so I could choose my own.
                    As it happened, I found out the Ob I don't like left last week.