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  • Please Help, Confused and Need Advice

    Hello everyone.
    I am a 44 years old and my husband and I were told that my husband was infertile due to a vasectomy reversal that did not work. We did fall pregnant about a month after he had the reversal and unfortunately lost that one. After a few years of trying we were informed that IVF was our only option and we decided to just be happy with the children we did have and accepted that we will never have a child between us.

    I had missed a period and presumed it was menopause. I honestly did not expect to find out that I was in fact pregnant. My husband and I were and are over the moon, it truly was against all odds. Then the bad news and confusion began.

    I had a lot of period like pains and was refereed for a scan to check for an ectopic pregnancy. This was 2 weeks ago. My HCG levels were good and was sitting about 34000/ The scan came back that it was a blighted ovum as they could not find a fetal pole or heartbeat as the sac measured at 6 weeks. After a series of blood test last week, the HCG levels had dropped, from 32000 down to 28000. Today I was due for another scan to see how far the miscarriage was off as I have been spotting brown blood for about a week. Just before my arrival to the scan the doctors called and told me that I needed to see them regarding my last test result, it has risen back up to 34000. They thought it might have been due to a missed miscarriage. So off to the scan I go and instead of being told that I had a blighted ovum, they found a fetal pole, yolk sac and it appears I am six weeks pregnant, but no heartbeat. So in 2 weeks I now have gone from nothing in the sac to a fetal pole and yolk sac. I am not sure what to think. They want to wait another week before saying it is not viable. Has this happened to anyone else? I am prepared for a miscarriage, have been for a couple of weeks now but I dont want to get a glimmer of hope if there is none to be had. Please any advice or help is appreciated.

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    what a confusing and upsetting ordeal for you both!

    I know it's hard to accepts "wait and see" diagnosis, but there's really nothing else you can do at this point unfortunately sending you good vibes for a better result at the next scan, some people don't see a heartbeat til 8 or 9 weeks so don't lose hope yet if your HCG is still going up xx


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      What a confusing time :-( I had a blighted ovum discovered at the same time a second egg had fertilised and a low heart rate was detected (that was at 8 weeks) I had the week long wait, and to be honest I can't remember at all what the hcg levels we're doing. Unfortunately, there was no heart beat at the next scan, just a growing blighted ovum. Best of luck op - at the time this happened to me I read lots of stories that resulted in healthy babies. Hope the week goes as quickly as possible for you.


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        Thank you so much Tattereds and Goosey01 for your wishes and replies.
        Yes the waiting is hard but we have waited a couple of weeks so far so another 1 or 2 is bearable. The doctors cannot tell me why it is happening, the hormones raising after it was decreasing. Here is hoping it is just too early to tell but with these cramps and heavier brown discharge since the internal scan, I am not feeling very hopeful. Have a great weekend!


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          Oh darling,
          I feel for you very well as I had been twice before in different sort of confusing and unlucky situation...
          (I'm 38 now, at my 4rth try, and I know this feeling of hope and failing and then hope again...)
          There is truly not much to do now, just wait and see the development - the good news is it should all be definintely clear within a week as at week#7 the size of sac and heartbeat can be detected for sure while previously it's all just too small...

          Brown spotting not always a bad sign, 2 years ago for me it was, but now I have spotting for last 2 weeks (I'm 10 weeks now) and last week I was stressed out enough to rush to the ED - they did the bloodtest and then ultrasoud scan and turned out the baby's sitting there, moving and heartbeat is normal. I see the brown spotting sometimes but the doctor told me it's probably some old blood clot just getting out slowly.

          Just keep calm, anyway whatever happens inside you, if the baby's OK your stress will be not helpful. And in another scenario it will not help anyway.

          It's hard to wait, for me I just imagine if everything's OK that's just the start of my next at least 20 years worries and probably I will remember them as the smallest ones


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            No advice, just wanted to wish you well and hope the week of waiting goes quickly.