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fathers day pressie?

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  • fathers day pressie?

    Hi everyone,

    as we know, Fathers Day is literally around the corner, and I was thinking of getting my DP a present. We haven't had our baby yet, but I thouht it would be a nice gesture to give him a token gift from our little 'glug'. My biggest problem is deciding on what to get a father who isn't QUITE a father yet.......

    I was going to get him a 'fathering' book, but a friend gave him one the other day after his baby was born. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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    You could frame an ultrasound picture if you have one


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      When i was pregnant, i got my DH a nice bottle of port for fathers day to save fro the day/nite bub was born - just thought there was something sentimental about that. maybe you could get a fun t-shirt made up with the ultra sound pic on it or a silly saying like 'dad to be' - just a thought!


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        How about get him his one of his favorite children books? (Let's bring back those childhood memory yeah?), get one of those double-framed pics: one for his pic when he was a baby and one (leave it blank) for the bub-to-be?

        Just some ideas


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          I love Thomasmum ideas.
          The ultrasound one is good too - the husband of a woman I used to work with had their daughter's ultrasound framed in his office with a plaque underneath saying "Made by (Surname)" - I always thought that was incredibly cute!


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            There is one problem - no ultrasound for another two weeks......... what a fantastic idea for Christmas......!


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              Apparently Myers have these books at the moment which read I Love Daddy, u could always pick one of these up, write a notation on the inside, something like, Can't wait for the day that you will be reading this to me Daddy....
              Or even a t-shirt from Kmart/target that says I love Daddy. I bought one for my DH when I was pregnant last year and this year my little man is wearing it, it is a bit tacky but for a one off occassion I think it is cute...

              Enjoy your ultrasound too in 2 weeks, what an amazing thing that is!